What you need to revise

Paper 1

Biology – Cell biology, Organisation, Infection and response & Bioenergetics
Chemistry – Atomic structure and periodic table, bonding and properties, quantitative chemistry, chemical changes & energy changes
Physics – Energy, electricity, particle model, atomic structure

Paper 2

Biology – Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, variation and evolution & Ecology
Chemistry – The rate and extent of chemical change, Organic chemistry, Chemical analysis, Chemistry of the atmosphere, Using resources
Physics – Forces, Waves, Magnetism and electromagnetism & space (triple only)


focuselearning.co.uk – Required practical activities


This AQA website gives you access to all the past papers and mark schemes plus examiners feedback – AQA past papers

The BBC Bitesize website includes lots of relevant information and tasks that are linked to the AQA trilogy specification – BBC Bitesize GCSE Trilogy


  • Make quizzes with most of the information in the question and short answers. Glossaries are ideal resources to produce the questions.
  • Use the AQA website to find past papers and mark schemes – attempt the questions.
  • Use online resources including BBC Bitesize AQA, Kerboodle and Seneca to complete the revision activities and mini tests.
  • Use the resources on the AQA website to form quizzes or mind-maps based on the science specific vocabulary, command words, maths skills and required practical skills.
  • Use the ‘Focus eLearning’ website to complete activities about required practicals.

Exam Board

Combined Science – AQA Trilogy (8464)
AQA Biology (8461)
AQA Chemistry (8462)
AQA Physics (8463)


Black pen
Scientific calculator

Revision Guides

Oxford Revise GCSE combined science trilogy
Oxford Revise GCSE Biology
Oxford Revise GCSE Chemistry
Oxford Revise GCSE Physics