Curriculum Information for - Geography

Our vision for Geography at Tottington High School is for all students to develop students’ sense of awe, appreciation and understanding of the world in which they live and how it is changing. We want our students to see a world beyond Tottington, so that they can access it, aim high and achieve success. We seek to inspire our school community who are morally aware of, and enthusiastic about, the diverse physical world in which we live. We aim to give them a sense of place and an awareness of our collective responsibility for the planet’s human and physical landscapes and the need to work together. We promote inquisitive, independent and resilient students who appreciate and understand the world around them and recognise the opportunities it provides and the challenges it is facing. We develop their cartographical and mathematical skills. Having studied Geography at KS3, pupils will have a wide appreciation of the spatial patterns and scale of major social, economic and environmental issues, as well as human and physical processes and landscapes. Our geography curriculum also enables students to develop their enquiry and fieldwork skills to prepare them for being able to reach reasoned conclusions and equips them to voice and justify their opinions.

Geography Learning Journeys

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The Geography curriculum is sequenced in the following way to build progress from novice to expert. A 5-year spiral curriculum is in place which builds on prior knowledge, concepts and expertise students need to develop between years 7 to year 11. They are sequenced in such a way as to develop a greater proficiency in key geographical skills from KS3 to KS4. 

All scheme of learning start with key questions to promote an enquiry which motivates students which will often lead to a decision-making exercise. The sequence of lessons builds students’ knowledge and understanding to enable them to form opinions and judgements and justify their decisions on the key questions. Our lessons are interwoven across our other units where possible to enable students to build a clearer picture of what geography is as a whole. 

At KS3 each scheme of learning has a formative and summative assessment. We ensure that all Assessment Objectives are taught where possible through each scheme of work. Generally, the formative assessments are extended questions that assess AO1/2/3 pieces, with an opportunity for students to make a difference (MAD) time afterwards, following feedback. Summative assessments generally consist of AO1/2/3/4 assessing knowledge, understanding, application and key geographical skills. At KS4 we have topic tests based on past paper questions and mark schemes. We recognise that individual topic tests do not always have the overall GCSE weighting, so the grade boundaries used for topic tests reflect the level of challenge and coverage. In both KS3 and KS4 assessment for learning is built into lessons, in the form of peer & self-assessment, questioning, live marking and verbal feedback. Gaps in knowledge are quickly identified and corrections and improvements are promoted and these gaps are closed. 

Enrichment and fieldwork opportunities are implemented into the curriculum, offering learners an appreciation of Geography in the wider world. Students take part in both human and physical fieldwork studies at a range of locations including Cleveley’s and Salford Quays. 

Homework is delivered at Key stage 3 in line with the schools independent learning policy. Homework’s include a range of research tasks to promote enquiry. 

Pupils who continue with Geography post 16 follow the A-Level pathway with students studying Geography Holy Cross, Bolton College and Bury College. Studying Geography provides a wide range of career opportunities such as, Cartographer, Landscape architect, Travel writer, Armed Forces, Data Analysis, Environmental scientist. Environmental consultant, GIS specialist, Town Planning and Teaching.