For more information, please contact our careers lead Mr Joe Burgoyne.

Gatsby Benchmarks

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Careers Open events

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Careers Information, Education, Advice and Guidance

Welcome to the official webpage for Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) at Tottington High School.

Within these pages you will find useful information for both students of Tottington High School and their parents/carers.

We are committed to providing quality and impartial careers education, information and guidance (CEIAG) ensuring students are able to make informed and aspirational choices about their future routes.

CEIAG is delivered through form time, assemblies, individual subject’s curriculum and in Personal Development lessons. The Gatsby Benchmarks are clearly mapped out in all we deliver -

How the school assesses and measures the impact of the careers programme on pupils’

At KS3, students are asked to reflect on their careers learning in Personal Development lessons and through student voice. In Year 9, students are encouraged to reflect on their potential career choices and supported to make the appropriate option choices for KS4. In KS4, students who are at risk of NEET (not in education, employment or training) status are identified and prioritised for careers guidance.  All students in Years 10 and 11 receive support in applications for college or training, careers interviews and support from teachers to ensure the transition to KS5 matches their ambitions for future careers. Ultimately, the success of careers provision at Tottington High School is measured through our NEET figures which are consistently below the national average.

The school’s next strategic review of the Careers information published is: Spring Term 2023.

Tottington High School careers provision aims to:

  • Enable students to develop a knowledge and understanding of education, training and employment through investigating opportunities available to them at a local, national and international level.
  • Support students in developing and implementing action plans so that they can take ownership of their own future at and beyond Key Stage 4.
  • Provide opportunities to develop enterprise and employment skills.
  • Promote equality of opportunity, challenge stereotyping and support inclusion.
  • Help students develop an understanding of themselves and others.

Introducing our careers advisor, Kevin Welch

I am extremely passionate about supporting and helping people to make informed realistic choices about their future plans. Choosing a career is not an easy thing to do. I feel that people can be supported through the careers guidance process to enable them to have an understanding of how their aptitude, skills and qualifications link to their hopes and ambitions.

I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance in 2003 and began working as a Personal Adviser for the Connexions Service in Bury. I supported young people between the ages of thirteen and twenty five who had a wide variety of different needs. My role progressed to Team Manager which gave me further insight into the careers service wherein I worked closely with various agencies, supported staff and planned and worked on several projects linked to young people.

The variety within my careers work has allowed me to develop a wealth of experience working with young people and adults. I have completed this work in a range of different settings including secondary schools, youth centres, colleges, training providers and SEND provision.

I now manage Realistic Choices which delivers support, advice and guidance to students in the Bury area. My work in schools has included one to one careers guidance, group work, careers events and option choice support.

Kevin Welch B.A PG.D.C.G
Registered Careers Manager – Realistic Choices

The careers provision is composed of the following elements:

  • Careers advice: We work with Kevin Welch at Realistic Choices to provide impartial careers advice and guidance to students. During their school career all students will receive an individual interview and have the opportunity to book additional interviews should they be needed. We also run group sessions on different aspects of further study (e.g. post 16 pathways – what apprenticeships are and how to apply) and careers (e.g. job sector requirements – what subjects and experience are needed to become a dentist).
  • Curriculum foci: Careers knowledge, skills and experiences are developed in lessons. Topics and individual lessons within subjects focus on different aspects of careers. E.g. managing finances in business, employment sectors in geography, persuasive writing in English.
  • Careers events: We provide opportunities for students in every year group to develop their careers knowledge, skills, expertise and experiences. These career events take a variety of forms, ranging from college taster days and visits from Colleges and Apprenticeship providers to a designated option day in school when year 9 make their GCSE choices.
  • Careers links: We work closely with local education and training providers to ensure that students and parents are aware of the different pathways available to them e.g. A-levels, vocational courses, apprenticeships, technical qualifications.

School Careers Leader:

Mr Joe Burgoyne
Phone: 01204 882327

Careers information for Students

Life after Tottington High SchoolBefore applying to any College or for an apprenticeship, you must consider what possible job/career you would like to have.

You can browse job profiles at

Select a job or sector, this will then give you details of the work, hours, income, entry requirements, training and skills required.

When applying for college courses or apprenticeships, check the entry requirements. Are you likely to get the exam grades needed?

It is recommended that you submit a minimum of 2 applications.

Here is a list of some local colleges and apprenticeship providers:

Bury College
Bolton College
Holy Cross College
Hopwood Hall College
The Growth Company
Loreto College
The Manchester College
Oldham College
SCC Group
Xavarian College

All students will receive a careers interview during KS4. If you feel you would benefit from an interview prior to this or require an additional interview, please speak to Kevin Welch or email

Careers Information for Parents

As parents and carers you play a vital part in ensuring your child gains the best information, advice and guidance to prepare them for life once they leave Tottington High School. This website should provide you with all the information you need to help you to take an active role in your child’s Careers Education.

Our partnership with the school’s Careers Adviser, Kevin Welch, at Realistic Choices provides parents/carers with the opportunity to view a personalised careers action plan from for their child.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact Mr Joe Burgoyne on

GDPR Privacy Notice

A copy of your action plan will be kept in school along with details of your future option choice ideas. The information may be kept in either a paper or electronic form but will be kept securely in either a locked drawer or an encrypted file.

Why do I need this information?

Information is stored so that you can access the action plan if you need a copy for the future and to help support your progression into a positive outcome of Education, Employment or Training when you finish school.

Your information will only be shared with other agencies if you pass written consent onto Realistic Choices or school. The only reason information will be passed on without your consent will be if there is a safeguarding issue which may result in harm to yourself or others.

How long will I keep the information?

Information will only be held on you for two years after you finish school in Year 11 and it will then be either deleted or shredded.

What are your rights?

If you feel that the information we keep on you is incorrect, or you do not want personal information held you have the right to have the information deleted or corrected. If you have any further questions linked to this document, please contact Kevin Welch at Realistic Choices or the schools Careers Co-Ordinator.

Further information can also be found at

Personal Development Curriculum 

Careers Programme

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CEIAG Policy

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Baker Clause Statement

This policy statement sets out Tottington High School’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to student at the school for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.

This complies with the legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education act 1997 (the ‘Baker Clause’).

Student entitlement

Students in Years 7 – 11 are entitled to:

  • find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point;
  • hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options evening’s, assemblies and group discussions and taster events;
  • understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.

Management of Provider Access requests

Any provider who wishes to request access to the school should contact the school.

Dear parents/carers: please see this document for information on planned Open Evenings for colleges.

Open Events

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We are delighted to be working alongside MPloy to offer work experience to our Year 10 cohort. This will commence on 26th March 2023 and will last for one working week.  The majority of work experience placements will be self-secured and the deadline for the return on paperwork is 24th April 2023.  Please support your child with this process by suggesting possibilities for employment and helping them to contact employers via email or phone calls.  Please see the parental letter for further information or contact me directly at  More information about MPloy, the company delivering our work experience offer, can be found here:

Work Experience

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Labour Market Information

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Check this area regularly for updated information about the different apprenticeships that are on offer.  Some of these apply to College leavers, but there are also opportunities for school leavers too.


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