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Interim Headteacher – Lee Barber


Who to contact:

For any issues your child is having in school, your first point of contact should be their form tutor or, for more serious concerns, their pastoral manager.

If you have a specific query, the following members of the Senior Leadership Team may be able to help:

Senior Leadership Team

Ms R Dawson – Deputy Headteacher (Quality of Education)

Mr J Varey - Deputy Headteacher (Character and Culture)

Mr JM Atkinson – Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum)

Mrs L Entwistle - Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour)

Mr D Griffith - Assistant Headteacher (Parental/Community Engagement and Communication)

Mr D Higham - Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development)

Mr A Ishtiaq –  Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and Attendance)

Mrs L McCool – Assistant Headteacher (SEND and Teaching & Learning)

Mrs N Kilby - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Careers and Transition)

Mrs K Adams - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Imagination House)

Mrs R Hesketh - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Communication House)

Miss O McKay - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Activation House)

Mr C Scholes - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Innovation House)

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss K Maclean


Academy Council Chair

Mr C Trees


Shaw Education Trust Head Office

Kidsgrove Secondary School,

Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove,


Telephone: 01782 948259

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