This week our Year 11 geography students went on their field trip to Cleveleys to study beach management and coastal environment. One of the students has provided a write-up about the day and we’ve added a few snapshots from the day:

During my GCSE Geography Cleveleys trip I had a great time. As a group we measured groynes (the height of the sediment which had built up against them) on the beach, evaluated the various management strategies and held a questionnaire with members of the public.

It was a nice day out and we got to choose what lunch we had. Me and my friends had KFC! My favourite part of the day was carrying out the questionnaire, as the community was very friendly.

Overall, this trip was fun as we got to personally see the management strategies Cleveleys had in place, helping us understand our geography case study of coastal management in the UK.

by Safiya A


Mia P, another Year 11 Geographer, writes her account of the day:

As a class we went to Cleveleys near Blackpool to learn about coastal defences on the sea front. I enjoyed this trip because not only was I able to learn visually (actually see the coastal defences), it gave me the opportunity to improve my confidence in speaking to people I don’t know or haven’t seen/spoken to before as we had to do a public questionnaire on how they think the coastal defences have protected the town and how good they are.

It was interesting to see the coastal defences in action when the sea came in fully, especially the Spanish steps, and to be able to see how good and affective the defences are as this allows us to make our own judgement on which is the best defence in keeping the town safe from flooding, etc.

This trip was a good opportunity to socialise after a long period of time in lockdown with Covid – which was probably what we all needed!

I developed lots of new skills; for example being able to measure the sand on either side of the groynes, speaking to new people, knowing how to do a bipolar survey, and knowing what that means.

Overall I think I had a very pleasant experience with learning new things and developing my skills.
by Mia P