• Keep to the left.
  • Do NOT run.
  • Coats and non-uniform items are NOT to be worn inside the building and will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.
  • Phones/headphones which are VISIBLE will be confiscated.
  • No eating on the corridors.
  • Use the ONE WAY SYSTEM on the ART Department stairs.


  • Ball games on the SOUTH YARD ONLY.
  • Do not congregate in toilets, corridors or in areas designated OUT OF BOUNDS.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden.
  • Have fun but do not put anyone’s safety in danger.
  • Put all litter in the bins provided.


  • Line up in an orderly fashion.
  • Wait until it is your turn to enter the dining room.
  • Buy and eat your lunch in a mature and orderly manner.
  • Clear up your tray, and put all litter in the bins.
  • No food is to be eaten in the corridors.


  • Eat in designated areas only.
  • Clear up your litter!


  • Punnctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management.
  • Always make sure that you are in the correct classroom , and at the time set for each period.
  • If you arrive at school AFTER 8.50am, then you must report to the PASTORAL OFFICE. You will be marked LATE in the register and you will need a note explaining the reason for late arrival.


  • The proper place for you to be on a school day is in school. If you are not in school then you must have a justifiable reason. You should always bring a note from your Parents or Guardian when you return to school after being off sick.
  • The Department for Education has changed the conditions of “holiday requests” and the new legislation means the headteacher cannot authorise absence from school, for any family holiday in term time, for any student in years 7 to 11. The procedures for absence through illness or a medical appointments have not changed.
  • Each application will be judged independently. Parents or Guardians who take their children out of school WITHOUT PERMISSION may face prosecution.