Year 7 Specialists

The Lofthouse Building: Year 7 Students

Tottington High School is the only school in the Bury Authority to possess a purpose-built Unit for the Year Seven intake. This building consists of six teaching bases, toilet and cloakroom facilities and an assembly area. The Head of Year Seven has an office in the building which ensures easy access for all Year Seven students if they require guidance. The Pastoral Office is also situated in the Lofthouse Building.

One of the most difficult problems for new students is settling into a school which is much larger than the primary school which they have so recently left. The Lofthouse Building is a focal point for all Year Seven activities, whether academic or social. It is a ‘safe’ place in which the Head of Year Seven and other assistants are available at break and lunchtimes to sort out any problems or difficulties which might arise. In our experience it has been an invaluable asset in effective integration of new students into the more hectic and complex life of a high school.

School Organisation

On arrival all Year 7 students are allocated to 6 mixed ability tutor groups. These tutor groups have been carefully chosen after consultation with primary schools and students themselves. (We would therefore request that parents do not ask for a change of class until at least a month after school has started therefore allowing for a settling in period.)


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