Long hair MUST be fastened back off the face with plain and discreet hair accessories. No extreme hairstyles. Hair colouring, if used, must be within a range of natural hair colour and must not be in extreme contrasting colours, e.g. black and blond. Minimum of a ‘No 2’ for short hairstyles and no shaved lines or contrasting lengths are allowed.


For safety and security reasons, only a watch may be worn. No other jewellery is acceptable.


Make-up must not be worn in school.


For boys and girls, the wearing of trainers, sports shoes, open sandals, backless shoes or pumps is not permitted. Footwear must not exceed past the ankle bone. Footwear that displays a sports designer logo, such as Adidas/Nike, is unsuitable and parents should check with school if in any doubt before purchasing footwear. Girls should note that heeled shoes must be low.

Electronic equipment

Mobile phones and iPods, etc. are for use at break and lunchtimes only and never indoor except in the dining room and Rm9 (sandwich room). Equipment should be kept out of sight around school and must not be visible in top/front pocket of blazer. No students may take photographs or videos using their phones.