Two of our year 9 students represented Tottington at the Holocaust Memorial Event last night at the Longfield Suite in Prestwich. Macy W and Paris P were absolutely outstanding in their delivery of their spoken parts and to say that I am extremely proud of them is an understatement.

Paris stood in last minute – literally the day before – for a student who got nervous and felt unable to do it. You would never have known that she hadn’t attended the rehearsals, which have been¬†going on for several months. She volunteered to do this herself.

Macy, was committed, even when she found out that she may have ended up representing our school on her own.

Both these girls are inspirational and are examples of the outstanding students we have at Tottington High School. They were amazing and spoke so confidently in front of approximately 200 people, including the Mayor of Bury, representatives of faith groups and a Holocaust survivor. The event itself was a very fitting tribute with the theme being “Stand Together” against discrimination and genocide across the world.

This year will be the 75th anniversary of the end of the war and the horrific events of the Holocaust. It highlighted the importance of never forgetting what happened and the importance of educating our students about events such as this.

Mrs M Ashburner (Head of RE)