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On Thursday 15th February, we are holding our Year 10 Mock Interview Day. This is an annual event in which every Year 10 student is invited to take part in a staged interview process. During form time the week before, students will be required to fill-in an application form for a pretend job role. There will also be discussion of interview do’s and don’t’s as well as advice and support to ensure that the children are comfortable with the process. Then, on the Thursday, every student will have a mock interview in a formal setting in school. The mock interviews are designed to prepare the students for college interviews and job interviews.

So why are mock interviews important?

  1. They help reduce stress and anxiety about having an interview – you will start to learn how interviews work and hopefully feel more comfortable about interviews afterwards
  2. They boost confidence – when you learn to overcome your anxiety you will feel a bit more confident for the next one
  3. You get constructive feedback about your responses to questions (something you don’t always get in a real interview)
  4. You can prepare answers to questions you would get in a real interview
  5. It is good practice for a real interview – your behaviour and how to answer questions
  6. Nervousness – it is normal to feel nervous about an interview. So this is an opportunity for you to feel nervous and try to manage it
  7. Body language – this is a practice to develop professional body language and etiquette for interviews
  8. Familiarising yourself with an interview situation – you will be out of your comfort zone, so practice feeling that way
  9. Feedback implementation – the feedback you may not be what you wanted to hear – so take it on board and change something about yourself