All our teachers have been provided with a new Green Point Stamper which they will be using to stamp your work in class as well as your homework.

During a recent Student Voice activity, some children told us that sometimes it wasn’t clear to them which teachers had given them a green point, and some didn’t know what their green point was for. So to improve the way we communicate our awarding of green points for good classwork, good homework, contribution in lessons and good citizenship in school, FROTHS bought the green stampers which we had specially made for our school.

The green stampers will be used to indicate on your work when a green point has been awarded to you. That way you will know when it was given , who it was given by, and what it was given for.

FROTHS (Friends of Tottington High School) are a team of parents, teachers and governors who work hard all year round raising funds for school which is spent on things which directly improve the lives of our students in school. To find out more about FROTHS, and how to become a member of the team, please visit our FROTHS page by clicking or tapping here.