Rewards and Sanctions

Our behaviour policy

Tottington High School’s culture is based on the right to teach and the right to learn. We promote self-discipline; encourage positive behaviour, respect for others, regular attendance, punctuality, and the completion of school work. We believe that in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, positive behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary.

Our Behaviour Monitoring System within the school provides a transparent and simple method in tracking behaviour; which allows not only appropriate interventions strategies to be implemented to correct negative behaviours, but also recognises positive behaviour and rewards those who adhere to the schools standards. It is based on a ‘traffic light’ colour method of coding various behaviour.

Students gather points on each which lead to various sanctions and rewards. The main disciplinary sanction is detention. Parents are given at least 24 hours notice for after school detentions.

It is assumed that parents agree to accept the school’s disciplinary sanctions when their child is admitted to the school and will cooperate if these need to be applied.

There is a set of school rules essential for the smooth running of the school and copies are regularly made available to students and are available to parents, on request, together with the Behavioural Policy.