Effective communication between school and home is vital and parents/carers will expect to be communicated at three specified times during the academic year as follows:

Progress Report: this will give brief outline of progress both in academic work and on other relevant areas of behaviour, organisation, homework, etc. Most Year Groups can expect the Progress Report around Christmas.

Parents’ Evening: this will give Parents/carers the opportunity to talk face-to-face with subject staff to get further detail on academic progress in subjects. The timing of this evening will depend on the Year Group.

Full Report: this will include similar information as given in the Progress Report but will also include a written report for each subject. Most Year Groups can expect this report near the end of the academic year.

Also included in both reports will be statistical information on Attendance, including ‘Lates’ and Behaviour. At other times in the year, parents will receive ‘target’ information.

Communication however, should be constant, and parents/carers can expect to be contacted at various other times during the school year when the need arises. Parents/carers are also encouraged to contact us at any time with any query.