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School Improvement

School Improvement Update (January 2019)

Dear Parents/Carers

This is just a short overview of the activities that are taking place currently in school as we develop our practice and systems to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children. Our conversion to Academy status with Shaw Education Trust has enabled us to access the support and expertise to develop these initiatives.

Faculties are about to undergo deep analysis of Key Stage 4 to identify areas of strength that can be shared and areas were further development are needed. Lead specialists from the Trust are helping SLT and Heads of Faculties drive these improvements. These are part of our ever improving quality assurance systems.

We have initiated set routines in lesson delivery around classroom structures which are serving to reinforce our high expectations and standards. All children are met at the classroom door, given an introductory activity, experience consistent use of language and instruction from staff and are dismissed in a calm and purposeful manner. Positive behaviours are recognised and praised through our ‘recognition boards’ and we are currently working to improve our rewards culture.

Staff have recently undergone training around managing behaviours and promoting positive attitudes to learning where some of the initiatives above have stemmed from.

Our expectations around behavior and attitude to learning have been summed up in our new 3 core rules:

  • Respect Learning
  • Respect People
  • Respect the Environment

We will be working in the coming period with our children on ensuring all understand their responsibility around these core expectations in school.

Parents/Carers will be aware of the letter sent out in November around standards of punctuality and uniform both of which have improved in the time since. The part that all of us play, at school and home, is vital in ensuring the best for our young people – it is a learning partnership and we rely on the support from home in helping us achieve our aims. Thank you for your continued support as we continue to drive up standards.

These are just a flavour of some of the many activities taking place around school improvement and we will update this each term with ongoing work. Parents/Carers are as always welcome to contact school about any aspect of their child’s education.

Thank you for your continued support.


Tottington High School
Laurel Street,
Lancashire, BL8 3LY.

T: 01204 882327

Tottington High School