School House System


In September 2012 the school House system was officially launched with pupils and staff all becoming members of one of the three new School Houses. After consultation with staff and pupils the Houses were named after significant people; Johnson, Redgrave and Woodbury (Henry Wood). These people have all contributed significantly to society and made a difference to the lives of others through their work, achievements and individual personalities.

The House names also link to and support our school charity partnerships as these people have made local (Johnson), national (Redgrave) and international (Woodbury – Henry Wood) contributions. Heads of House (Mrs Waldron – Redgrave, Mr Burgoyne – Johnson and Miss Postle – Woodbury) have been appointed and pupil House Leaders and Year Captains have also been chosen.

The purpose of the House system is to further promote community, partnership and participation in school. The House system aims to do this by providing House members with enjoyable and competitive House events and House activities. Such events/activities take the form of inter-House sporting competitions, House challenges and extra-curricular visits. In all aspects of the House system participation is rewarded as each House seeks to build its own identity and develop a collaborative House and whole school ethos. The House system operates together with the curricular and pastoral provision at school to provide opportunities for pupils to develop the skills, experiences and attributes required to become well rounded and confident individuals.

As the school year progresses you will hear more about the House system and this information will be communicated through school letters, in pupil diaries, on the VLE and most importantly and appropriately through your son/daughter, updating your with their achievements through the House system.


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