Pastoral System

A successful school is a community which provides a secure and caring environment for its students. An effective school is one based on partnerships between parents, students and staff. As such we operate an ‘open door’ policy whereby parents are encouraged to contact school if they have any issues, views or information they wish to convey to us. Wherever possible we will do our utmost to assist in anyway possible. Please telephone in the first instance to make an appointment.

Pastoral care is an attitude rather than a process. All of our staff take responsibility for the whole child whether that be through teaching or some other method of support. Attention is given to caring, both for the individual and for groups as a whole, in order to minimise any difficulties which might impair the successful academic and social development of our students.

Whilst ‘pastoral care’ is everyone’s responsibility in school, we do have more formalised structures which recognise the particular needs of children. We have both teaching and support staff who take on the overall responsibility for pastoral care structures.

The Heads of Year (HOY), and the Pastoral Year Managers (PYM) in particular, are responsible for the welfare of the students in his/her year and deal with such items as students’ records, parents’ queries, absences, general discipline, social activities and students’ personal problems in school. The Form Tutors in each year team are responsible for groups of students and they have regular form periods and tutorials; this enables them to acquire a useful knowledge of individuals and to monitor their homework diaries. The HOY/PYM have regular and close contact with the Education Welfare Service and, where necessary, the School Psychological Service, the LEA Pupil Learning Centre and other outside agencies.


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