We have produced two GCSE Revision Guides for our students and parents. The Student Revision Guide is packed with useful advice for students about the exams they are about to sit – how to prepare, what to expect, and what you need. The Parent Revision Guide provides parents with advice about how to support your child, plus there is information for students which parents should try to share with them.

The Year 11 students will each receive both Revision Guides and they are encouraged to read them both Guides carefully several times during their exam preparation. Parents are also advised to read both Guides too so that they know what to expect, understand how their child may be feeling and experiencing, and how best to support their child in the days and weeks leading up to the summer exam period.

These Revision Guides are also available as interactive PDFs to view online or to download. They are available on our Exams page, along with other vital exam information.

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