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KS3 Music ‘Home Learning’ A-Z Challenge

I hope everyone keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine.

The PDF document below has a task for every letter of the alphabet – some have two (Extra Challenge). Most of the tasks have a link to some kind of online support or resource to help.

Download it, print it out (if you can) and complete as many as you can over the next few weeks and send everything once completed (don’t send me one item at a time!). Keep all your evidence together and don’t forget you can send recordings – title everything you send with the title of the task.

Completed work can be sent to Mr Atkinson (, or uploaded to your GoogleDrive (using your school email) and then a link sent to Mr Atkinson, or it can be submitted here on SMHW (if you have a lot of files, might be better).

BRONZE = between 5 and 9 completed tasks
SILVER = between 10 and 14 completed tasks
GOLD = between 15 and 19 completed tasks
PLATINUM = 20 or more completed tasks

Take care,
Mr Atkinson
KS3 Music Home Learning A-Z Challenge

Work for students to complete during school closure (March-April 2020)

This work is for ALL music classes, whether you are in Mr Atkinson’s or Mr Cudworth’s class and whether you are in Y7, Y8 or Y9.

The sheet below has a set of tasks for BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM level study – you choose the level at which you would like to study and complete all of the tasks on that row. BRONZE has 4 easier tasks, SILVER has 3 ‘medium’ tasks, GOLD has 2 difficult tasks and PLATINUM is one large, challenging extended project.

Work can be submitted through Show My Homework OR emailed to Mr Atkinson (even if you in one of Mr Cudworth’s classes) at

There is two weeks worth of work here for you to complete.

KS3 Music Home Learning Guide

Visit Mr Atkinson's Padlet Page

What is Padlet?
Padlet is an online collaborative learning platform which Mr Atkinson is using to share resources with his music students.

Studied at Key Stage 3
Optional at Key Stage 4


Studying music is about making and listening to Music. It covers performing, composing and listening in a wide variety of musical styles – Popular Music, World Music and Classical Music. You will enjoy Music if you want to study a subject that involves performing, listening and composing all kinds of Music. It may give you the opportunity to play Music with others in for example: Rock Groups, Bands, Orchestra and Choirs.


You will improve your skills in performing and composing different styles of Music. You will listen to a wide variety of Music and learn more about how and why it was written and/or performed.

You may choose to receive instrumental lessons to aid you learn an instrument. Please see Mr Atkinson about this.


A crucial element of study is organisational skills, management of work and extra-curricular activities, in particular, balancing the skills needed to maintain a practical pursuit (playing an instrument, singing) alongside an intellectual (listening, analysing and understanding). Studying Music also offers opportunities to develop wider key skills in working with others (Taking part in rehearsals, performing).

Attainment 8 Score

Ebacc Average Point Score


4 or above in English & Maths


5 or above in English & Maths

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