Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to provide you with some information regarding the school’s homework system and how your son/daughter will access their homework next half term. If you already have a son/daughter at the school you will already be aware of some of this information.

Homework is an important aspect of your child’s education and helps to reinforce and extend learning from lessons. Homework provides valuable opportunities for students to consolidate their understanding of work from the school day. It also provides further opportunities for them to develop lifelong learning skills to support them in further study and in their careers. To ensure that these benefits are available for all the school has identified the recording and organisation of homework as priorities to focus on with students. Students in years 8 to 11 all currently use Show My Homework (SMHW) to manage their homework and teachers set all homework using it. To allow your son/daughter to settle in to school life during this first half term they will not start using SMHW until after half term. For this first half term Year 7 students will just be using their student diary.

SMHW is an online package that allows homework to be set and accessed directly by students on their mobile phones, tablets or through the SMHW website. SMHW is the UK’s most effective package for setting and monitoring homework and hundreds of schools across the country are using it with successful results. As a school we recognise the difficulties experienced by parents/carers in supporting their child’s homework as students may not always record homework as instructed or in a clear manner. SMHW ensures that students are always provided with clear homework instructions and guidance as homework details/requirements/ resources etc can be made available to students directly from the teacher. The calendar facility provided by SMHW also allows students to manage their deadlines effectively by using the reminder and date facilities available. As parents/carers you will also have access to your child’s homework calendar so that you can support them in managing their homework. SMHW has further additional features and as the school develops its use of the SMHW package information on these features will be provided (for further details and information on SMHW please visit We do also recognise that not all students have smart phones or access to the internet at home so we also provide a student diary that can be used instead or in conjunction with SMHW. The school also provides computer and internet access before school, at lunchtimes and after school.

A link to SMHW (and set up instructions) is available on the school website and all Year 7students will receive training on how to use SMHW. At the moment you do not need to do anything, a further letter containing access details and instructions will be provided before half term. After half term the homework timetable on SMHW for Year 7 will be populated with homework from your child’s subjects. When you have access you will be able to set up alerts and set up a link to your smart phone if you so wish (you can also visit the Apple Store or Google Play to do this).

The school will also be providing support for parents/carers in the form of familiarisation sessions. The sessions will help parents/carers log in to SMHW and outline the main features of the package. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please contact the school and arrangements can be made to suit you. Details of these sessions will be provided in the letter before half term. Students will also receive instructions and support in setting up their SMHW page and any links to their smart phone.
The school would like to thank you in advance for your support with our homework system.


Mr A. Rashud

Parental Year 7 letter 2017