We are writing to inform you of an important event for parents/carers of Year 11 students on Thursday 15th March. The event is part of a revision support programme in school and is one of many strategies designed to support Year 11 pupils in preparing for their GCSE exams in 2018. This event has also been planned in response to pupil and parent feedback.


This evening is for parents/carers only and has been developed to provide you with information and strategies to effectively support your son/daughter in their final term of school. It is hoped that the evening will allow you to see how your son/daughter will be both supported and challenged in the build up to important end of GCSE examinations.  The evening will also equip you with techniques and approaches to manage any stresses during this period so that your son/daughter is prepared for success.


The evening will cover the following topics:

  • How pupils should prepare for exams
  • Difficulties faced by students when revising
  • How parents can support their children with exam preparation
  • The timings and milestones for the remainder of Year 11
  • How brains learn and how memory works
  • Why adopting a positive mindset matters, and how to do it
  • Top tips for individual subjects

Revision resources will be provided for all attendees and there will also an opportunity to purchase or order subject specific revision guides.


Year 11 Parents Revision Evening