Dear Parent/Carer,

The number of pupils that now attend Tottington High School from the Radcliffe area has increased significantly this academic year. There is still no high school in Radcliffe and we are a popular choice due to the good bus services. The Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) have now conducted their survey of the number of pupils catching the Radcliffe 885 & 886 buses during the morning and afternoon service.

The school has been informed that TFGM have confirmed we do need a 3rd bus, but they do not have the funding to provide this extra service, which has come as a huge disappointment.

TFGM have requested that pupils travelling to Tottington in the morning who board along Water Street, Lowes Street, and Coronation Road should use the earlier 886 bus. Plans are in place to change the timing of this bus to arrive roughly the same time as the 885.

We are advising that parents look at alternative travel options at home time. Pupils can buy a weekly “System One Bus Pass” that can be used on any bus within the Greater Manchester area.
There are also other tickets available e.g. a combined bus & tram pass.

From Monday 24th September, we are requesting where possible at home time Y10 & Y11 pupils catch the 469 Tottington Line bus into Bury and then catch Bus No 98 or 524 from Bury to Radcliffe using the System One Bus Pass (timetables are on the school website). As you can understand our younger pupils are more vulnerable and are not confident enough to travel independently.
This would ensure that they can catch the school bus home.

We will continue to negotiate with the TFGM to resolve this issue and will contact you again with any updates to this situation.

Yours sincerely

Mr B Duffy








524 Bus Timetable


Radcliffe Bus Situation Letter to Parents.docx