Every year at this time we enter into discussions with TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) with respect to servicing the students who attend Tottington High School and part of that discussion this year has been concerning this service. We have been informed that for a period of time now the 892 service has been severely under capacity and is no longer a viable route. Therefore, it has been decided that from September 2019 this service will no longer run. The number of students using this service has been ‘dwindling’ for a number of years now and we take in very few students from this area including our proposed Y6-7 intake for September 2019.

This will of course cause some inconvenience to some students who will have to look at alternative means to get to and from school. As a possible alternative for some students, it may be possible to catch the 902 bus service which travels down Walmersley Road and eventually makes its way to THS.

We understand this is not ideal for some students and parents/carers but transport for schools is always under review as the geographical intake of schools can alter year on year and the demands on TfGM to fund services grow.

Please contact us if there is any matter in this letter you wish to discuss.

Yours sincerely,

Mr B. Duffy


Letter to Parents 892