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If you have missed any letters that have been sent home with your child, you will find them on this page.
Year 7 Show My Homework

Year 7 Show My Homework

Dear Parent/Carer I am writing to provide you with some information regarding the school’s homework system and how your son/daughter will access their homework next half term. If you already have a son/daughter at the school you will already be...

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Physics revision with Miss Guirguis today Tuesday 2nd April cancelled ...

Tottington High School Open As Usual Tuesday 26th March

Dear Parents/Carers

The school will be open as usual tomorrow Tuesday 26th March. Damage from the fire today has been limited to a small room which holds some electrical boards. It serves only two rooms which will be out of action tomorrow - the library and room 20, which is an IT suite. The rest of the school is functioning as normal.

Can I thank all parents/carers for their support and understanding as we managed this situation this morning. Fire teams were on site most of the morning and the power was cut off until mid afternoon, so we felt it best to evacuate the school and send children home. Phone lines were down so we were unable to receive any communications from parents/carers. Thank you again for your support.

Huge thanks too to the fire service for their prompt response and professional support for us at school today.

Mr Duffy


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