The tables below provide an overview of the amount/frequency of homework that pupils will be set at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Specific homework pieces are provided on the VLE. Topics within each subject will have a Topic Summary document (see example) on the VLE which will provide information on the topic and a list of homework pieces for the topic. These Topic Summaries will be provided by subjects as the VLE develops.

In addition to the key pieces in the Topic Summaries, revision, research tasks and questions will be set as per the school KS3 and KS4 Home Learning timetable.

Homework Timetable

Key Stage 3Time per week
SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
English2 x 30 mins2 x 30/40 mins2 x 45 mins
Maths2 x 30 mins2 x 30/40 mins2 x 45 mins
Science20-30 mins2 x 30/40 mins2 x 45 mins
Time each fortnight
Technology30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
Geography30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
History30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
R.E.30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
Art30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
Music30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
MFL30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
ICT30-60 mins40-60 mins45-90 mins
Key Stage 4Time per week
SubjectYear 10Year 11
English2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins
Maths2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins
Science2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins2 x 60 mins
Option Subjects2 x 30 mins2 x 30 mins2 x 30 mins


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