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Gifted & Talented

A Pupil Introduction to 'Gifted & Talented' at Tottington High School

Well done on being identified by your teachers as being Gifted and Talented in one or more of your subjects. To make the most of the opportunities available to you and to work to the best of your ability the following tips will be useful.

– Read around the topics you are studying in your different subjects. You could undertake additional research on the internet, or by reading newspapers and by using the school and local libraries.

– When working on assessments be aware of your target grades and look at how you can achieve the higher levels by using the assessment criteria.

– Speak to your subject teachers and ask for advice and tips on how you can develop your work further, particularly for projects that you may be working on.

– Take note of the feedback that you are given by teachers when your work and assessments are marked. You could keep a record of targets and focus on your target areas in future pieces of work.

– Get involved in the school Gifted and Talented Community Project – details of this will be passed on to you by Mr Rashud and/or your subjects teachers over the course of the year.

– Have a go at producing a research project.

• The project can be on anything that interests you – it can be on something that encompasses several subjects or it may be on a topic that is focused on the subject you have been identified as being Gifted and Talented in. It can be something that is in the news at the moment, something you have covered in one of your lessons or something that is linked to a hobby of yours.

• Part of the challenge is for you plan, research, construct, review and present your project. You can ask Mr Rashud and/or your subject teachers for help and guidance as you work on the project and when you have finished you can present you project to Mr Rashud and/or your subject teachers.

• Each subject area on the school VLE will also have their own more specific project/s.

If you have any questions about Gifted and Talented at school or want to know more, see Mr Rashud.


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