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James Frith MP Addresses Our Finest

James Frith MP Addresses Our Finest

Tottington High School was honoured when local MP, James Frith spoke at last Thursday evening’s Celebration of Excellence, which celebrates the fantastic achievements of our very best students. Mr Frith’s inspirational speech was very well received by all whom attended, so much so that we decided that it should be shared with a wider audience. So here it is in full…

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Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Final Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Final Expedition

Typical. Our final expedition was set to be in the middle of a heatwave, about the only time you don’t want temperatures in the high twenties and blazing sun all day. Luckily Mr Cudworth and our assessor, Pam, agreed to reduce the weight of our rucksacks so we set off with a lightened load across the beautiful Lake District National Park…

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It's Sponsored Walk Day tomorrow. Weather looks okay for the walk, so bring suncream, hats, and plenty of water. It's an early finish for forms who all arrive back at the same time, so let's all be on our best...

Sponsored Walk - Tottington High School

Important information, instructions and advise about the Sponsored Walk on Friday this week. Parents and students need to read and be aware of this in...

Looking for sports activities for the summer holidays? Check out Basketball and Netball Summer Camps at Bury Sports For All Centre, Park Lane, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7PH. For more information, visit the Sports For All Centres website:

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