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End of Year Headteacher’s Letter

End of Year Headteacher’s Letter

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of the school year. Thank you to all for your support throughout the year. I would encourage all parents/carers to continually refer to our website for information and letters home which we don’t always send hard copies. We’re doing our bit for the environment.

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Non-uniform day Friday and finish at 1.10pm. Get in!! ...

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Year 10 geography pupils will be writing up their physical geography fieldwork from their trip to Cleveleys, all day on Wednesday 3rd July in the J Buildings. Any student who is absent will need to attend after school catch-up sessions on subsequent Tuesdays.

Tottington High School Open As Usual Tuesday 26th March

The school will be open as usual tomorrow Tuesday 26th March. Damage from the fire today has been limited to a small room which holds some electrical boards. It...

Any parents who may be experiencing browser problems when trying to pay on Scopay via their mobile are advised to use one of the mobile browsers recommended by Lifewire. Please also ensure that all 'pop up blockers' on the phone's browser is turned...

Is Your Mobile Browser in the Top 10?

These 10 top web browsers available for mobile devices stress speed and privacy options, among other features.

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