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IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! School Systems Updates & Changes

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! School Systems Updates & Changes

This letter is a follow up to last November’s letter to all parents/carers outlining some of our systems which were designed to improve our standards around school. It will give you a brief update on the impact and also some further changes which we are putting into place. We would appreciate if you can go through the contents of this letter with your child to ensure they are clear regarding our expectations.

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Student News
Elle Secures Deputy Leader Post

Elle Secures Deputy Leader Post

On the 31st January 5,655 pupils in Bury exercised their democratic right to vote. Bury Council Youth Participation Worker, Adele Crowshaw contacted the school today to officially announce that our Head Girl, Elle-Sue Calderbank was voted in as 1st...

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Physics revision with Miss Guirguis today Tuesday 2nd April cancelled

Tottington High School Open As Usual Tuesday 26th March

The school will be open as usual tomorrow Tuesday 26th March. Damage from the fire today has been limited to a small room which holds some electrical boards. It...

Any parents who may be experiencing browser problems when trying to pay on Scopay via their mobile are advised to use one of the mobile browsers recommended by Lifewire. Please also ensure that all 'pop up blockers' on the phone's browser is turned...

Is Your Mobile Browser in the Top 10?

These 10 top web browsers available for mobile devices stress speed and privacy options, among other features.

The snow has melted and from Monday students should wear their full uniform including the correct footwear.

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