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House Benchball Results

House Benchball Results

The results of House Benchball were as follows: Key Stage 3: 1st Woodbury 2nd Johnson 3rd Redgrave Key Stage 4: 1st = Johnson+Woodbury 3rd Redgrave Overall 1st Woodbury 2nd Johnson 3rd Redgrave...

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We are currently experiencing problems with the 885 and 886 buses. We are in discussion with the TFGM to acquire a 3rd bus.

Morning bus: TGFM have asked that in the morning, pupils who board along Water Street, Lowes...

One of the bus companies have informed us that on Monday morning’s 885 service, they carried 120 children whilst the 886 service only carried 58 children.
The 885 should only carry a maximum of 92 children, so if you...

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