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Yorkshire Dales – Thursday 7th & Friday 8th June 2018

Eighteen of our year 10 students participated in their final expedition in the Yorkshire Dales, all groups completed the total distance of approximately 24 kilometres and had the pleasure to camp over at Gordale House Campsite. (Malham)

Starting location Hellifield to Cracoe via Malham wasn’t an easy task and all our students had to carry everything required in their rucksacks whilst under the watchful eye of their assessor Jenny Mills!

Mr J Cudworth is delighted with the achievements of everyone involved and pleased that they have all passed with flying colours!

Thank you so much to all staff involved for all your help, work, commitment and most of all giving up your time for our year 10s, their Dofe experience wouldn’t be as positive without your kind voluntary help that’s required to produce such a successful Dofe expedition. Miss K Harvey, Miss V Duke, Mr M Wilson.

Mr J Cudworth. (DofE Coordinator)


Final Expedition

Written by Abbey Fogartaig 10J and Elizabeth Mumbray 10J

Our expedition started at Hellifield and thankfully, the weather was on our side once again.

We all began to make our way to our first checkpoint. At checkpoint two, The Pot Noodles (Green Group) and Big Mob Mafia (Red Group) crossed each other’s paths and we came to a halt as we had to work our way around the obstacle which was the horses. After some time, we managed to make our way around the horses and continued on our journey together until our paths split. We continued from checkpoint to checkpoint laughing and singing, keeping our spirits high. Roilet Smashh (Blue Group) had the amazing opportunity climbing to the top of Malham Cove. Although the walk was long and tiring, the beautiful views made up for it. You could see for miles across the Yorkshire Dales.

Eventually we arrived at the campsite, set up our tents then started to cook our tea. Mr Cudworth warned us about the state of the campsite and the things that were hoarded there, but nothing could prepare everyone for what we saw. Stacks of disposable barbecues, bottles and much more were found but we had fun as we explored the campsite in more detail. Not long after we all made our way to Gordale Scar waterfall located a short walk north of the campsite. We all had fun messing around and splashing in the water, some of us even sticking our heads under the waterfall!

Once we had finished by the waterfall, we all dried off and got into our pyjamas, sat together and sang as I (Abbey) played the guitar, laughing and joking around, bringing us all closer together.

Then it was time for bed and we were in for a much better night’s sleep than last time.

The next morning, we were greeted by another day of sunshine. Everyone began to pack up our belongings and set off for another day of adventures. We again made our way from checkpoint to checkpoint, feeling tired but keeping the spirits high. We encouraged each other by singing and telling jokes. We finally made it to the finishing location (Cracoe) and set off on the bus back to school. Although exhausted, everyone really enjoyed our time in the Yorkshire Dales and we can’t wait to step up the challenge and sign up for Silver Award next year!


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