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We arrived at Burnsall Bridge at 9am, ready and packed for the day ahead of us. Thankfully, the weather was on our side and the sun was shining, making the day even more enjoyable. A few minutes into our journey, we could feel the sense of community in the Yorkshire Dales as we came across a box of cookies, flapjacks and eggs and they trusted you to put £1 in the box when you took one. We reached our checkpoint later than planned, however we weren’t to worry as we knew we’d be able catch up soon enough. We made it from checkpoint to checkpoint throughout the day, experiencing the country side properly for the first time.

We all arrived at the campsite and immediately pitched up our tents and cooked tea. After settling down, it was time for the much-anticipated talent show, where we watched Rhiannon, Garlin and Lily perform a comedy sketch and Beth and Izzy perform a dance routine. After the talent show, we all sat together, talking and having fun, bringing us all closer together. Suddenly, it began to rain, but that didn’t stop our high spirits. Around 10pm we settled in our tents for a long night of rain.

We woke up the next day to the sun shining once again. Although tired, we were ready for our second day of adventures. Again, we strived from checkpoint to checkpoint, singing along to Oliver’s ‘Repeat After Me’ songs, keeping our morale high. Finally, each group arrived at the minibus very tired, but we all can’t wait till our final expedition!

By Rhiannon Ashton and Abbey Fogartaig, Y10