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Careers, Wellbeing & Life Skills

The Careers, Well-Being and Life Skills (CWL) programme provides students with experiences and opportunities to develop their understanding of important topics and issues. The CWL programme also supports students development of valuable transferrable and lifelong learning skills.

The programme combines PSHE (Personal Social, Health education), RE, Citizenship and Careers education to ensure that students at Tottington are fully prepared for success across the curriculum and in their post 16 pursuits.

What are the benefits of studying CWL topics?

By the end of Key Stage 3, pupils are expected to:

  • Explain their own views, beliefs and opinions on topics and issues
  • Independently select sources of information to find answers to questions
  • Work effectively in group situations
  • Argue persuasively and represent the views of others
  • Use self/peer targets to improve their work

By the end of Key Stage 4, pupils are expected to:

  • Explain their own views, beliefs and opinions on a range of topics and issues using detailed reasons, evidence and their own knowledge
  • Use a wide variety of sources of information to research topics, support decisions and suggest solutions
  • Contribute effectively in a variety of group situations to plan courses of action and develop solutions
  • Understand the views of others and use this understanding together with their own views, beliefs and opinions to suggest compromises, solutions and new ideas
  • Use feedback to plan and set targets for future learning


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