Volunteer Owen Meets Mayor at Tottington Centre Grand Opening

Volunteer Owen Meets Mayor at Tottington Centre Grand Opening

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Tottington High School Year 9 student, Owen Sheen was commended today by Councillor Yvonne Wright for his help in converting Tottington Library into newly refurbished community-run Tottington Centre, which officially opened its doors to the public yesterday in an Grand Opening ceremony.

The former Town Hall building on Market Street in the village was last occupied by Tottington Library which closed last year due to funding cuts by Bury Council. Not to let a good building go to waste, a group of volunteers, The Friends of Tottington Library, rallied round and decided to restore the building, create some spaces for community groups and rent out office space and conference rooms in order to raise enough money to keep the building open and provide a number of much-needed services to the people of Tottington.

Owen visited the Friends of Tottington Library one day and offered his services as a volunteer. During the weeks and month leading up to yesterday’s relaunch, Owen has removed furniture in some rooms to make way for various classes and groups to occupy the newly-created space, he has undertaken litter-picking on the car park and the surrounding grassed areas, he has helped move lots of items from one room to another, and using his own initiative, he has mopped floors, cleaned the stairs and wiped down paintwork. Working alone or with friends, Owen has offered to do the gardens and clear leaves this weekend.

Cllr Wright, one of the organisers and events co-ordinator at Tottington Centre said “Owen is very well-mannered, courteous and respectful to all the people he has come across – mostly his grandparents age! He is very unassuming, which is a very good quality in life, and I am proud to say he is one of our most valued volunteers,” and added “what a good job his parents and Totty High have done!”

Owen was invited, along with all the other volunteers and local business owners, to attend the Grand Opening of The Tottington Centre yesterday afternoon, and he met the Mayor of Bury who was happy to pose for a photo or two with Owen at the entrance to the Centre.

Owen Sheen pictured at the entrance to Tottington Centre with the Mayor of Bury

To find out what’s on at The Tottington Centre, you can visit their website and check out the various groups and classes that are held during the week. There’s something for everybody, so call in sometime and give the volunteers your support. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer yourself, you can contact the Centre through their website and fill-in the enquiry form.

Click here to visit The Tottington Centre website

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Bury Athletics Championships

Bury Athletics Championships

Sports News

Some of our pupils took part in the Bury Athletics Championships today at Bury Athletic Club. Here’s a few photos and updates of our amazing students!!! Awesome results so far against the 12 other Bury schools!!

Kaiden Babb 3rd in 100m final
Leon Hodson 3rd in 100m final (PB 11.89 running a year young!!)
Daniel Ahern 3rd in 100m final (PB 12.03)
Jack Andrew 3rd in long jump (a year young!)
Charlotte Larkin 1st bury champion in 100m (PB 12.84)
Hannah Gill 2nd in 200m final (PB 29.09)
Carys Kay 4th in 200m final
Charlotte Clarke 4th in 300m final (PB 52.3)
Chloe Berry runner up (2nd) in shot and javelin
Chloe Chapman runner up (2nd) in 1500m (PB and running a year young!!)

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Water Safety Advice

Water Safety Advice

Parent News

As temperatures rise, it’s tempting to cool off with a swim in a river, canal, lake or reservoir. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is regularly called to rescue people who have got into trouble in the water.

What are the dangers?

  • There is no supervision.
  • The cold water temperature can claim your life in minutes – even if you are a strong swimmer.
  • It’s difficult to estimate the depth of the water. It may be much deeper or much shallower than expected.
  • There are often no suitable places to get out of the water due to steep slimy banks or sides.
  • There is no way of knowing what lies beneath – there could be weeds, pipes, shopping trolleys, sharp metal or broken bottles.
  • Swimming in open water can lead to a variety of serious illnesses.
  • There may be hidden currents. Flowing water or swimming in the sea can be especially dangerous.
  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix – perception and capability are both affected by drinking.

What should I do if I see someone in difficulty?

  • Alert someone, preferably a lifeguard. Or, dial 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service. Explain your location clearly and describe any landmarks.
  • Swim somewhere safe – the swimming baths.
  • Obey the warning signs around reservoirs, lakes, canals, rivers and at the beach.
  • Value your own safety first – jumping into the water to rescue pets or belongings can be highly dangerous.
  • Know what to do in an emergency – ring 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service. Explain your location clearly and describe any landmarks.
  • Enjoy organised water sports in a safe environment – with the correct equipment and a qualified instructor.

For further information on water safety visit:

Download the Water Safety leaflet

Water Safety Leaflet

Now watch the video ‘Filling Up’ by the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service:

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