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Bronze and Silver D of E Training Weekend

Bronze and Silver D of E Training Weekend

Duke of Edinburgh

Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh candidates had a weekend of intense training ready for their training expeditions at the Yorkshire Dales.

On Saturday morning our year 10 Bronze Award trainees set off from Tottington High School in the morning split into two groups, one group headed towards Holcombe Hill along with Miss Harvey and Miss Duke and the other group in the direction of Affetside with Mr Cudworth, the 11 kilometre route crossed over halfway and the groups enjoyed dinner together, with the weather on our side we continued back towards school throughout the afternoon arriving back shortly after 2.30pm.

Compass navigation, map reading, measuring distance were amongst topics covered on the day and everyone enjoyed themselves taking away many new skills in preparation for their next challenge, two days with overnight camping. Well done to everyone involved.

On Sunday morning our year 11 Silver candidates arrived early at school and we set off to climb Pendle Hill at a height of 557m, all our students had to carry rucksacks with appropriate weight to replicate expectations on expeditions that are planned shorty over three days with overnight camping.

We arrived at Barley in Pendle early morning and split into two groups, both groups set off to navigate approximately 10 kilometres to climb the mighty Pendle Hill and along the way practiced many skills that they had mastered last year throughout their Bronze Award along with leaders Mr J Cudworth and Mr M Wilson.

Everyone managed to summit the hill and enjoyed lunch in perfect weather conditions for the time of year, perfect visibility allowed our students to look over towards Holcombe Hill and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in the distance.

After dinner everyone descended back towards Barley and some of us enjoyed ice cream before heading back to school after a challenging day.

Well done to everyone involved and thank you to all staff who volunteer and give up their weekends, Duke of Edinburgh would not run without your kindness.

Mr J Cudworth (Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator)

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GCSE Workshop Sessions

GCSE Workshop Sessions

Parent News

From Tuesday 20th March all the way through to the exams, our teachers will be holding GCSE Revision Workshop sessions to help Year 11 students prepare for their exams this summer. Year 11 students are encouraged to attend the workshops regularly which have been developed to support exam revision and will revisit topics students have been learning throughout their studies. Below is a full timetable of the workshops.

Students will be provided with a hard copy of the timetable, but it available here to print out or download onto mobile devices.

At the discretion of the teaching staff, some sessions may be held at lunchtime, and this will be communicated to students where applicable.



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Revision Guides for Students and Parents

Revision Guides for Students and Parents

Parent News

We have produced two GCSE Revision Guides for our students and parents. The Student Revision Guide is packed with useful advice for students about the exams they are about to sit – how to prepare, what to expect, and what you need. The Parent Revision Guide provides parents with advice about how to support your child, plus there is information for students which parents should try to share with them.

The Year 11 students will each receive both Revision Guides and they are encouraged to read them both Guides carefully several times during their exam preparation. Parents are also advised to read both Guides too so that they know what to expect, understand how their child may be feeling and experiencing, and how best to support their child in the days and weeks leading up to the summer exam period.

These Revision Guides are also available as interactive PDFs to view online or to download. They are available on our Exams page, along with other vital exam information.

Click here to visit our Exams page

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Revision Universals – helping you to revise more effectively

Revision Universals – helping you to revise more effectively

Parent News

Our Head of History, Dr Hall, delivered two sessions to Year 11 students during a conference which were developed as a guide to effective revision strategies. The ‘mantra’ for the strategy is O.M.G:

  1. Organise: use headings and subheadings to chunk revision into manageable pieces
  2. Minimise: reduce revision to the essential knowledge (don’t waffle) whilst retaining the ‘sense’ of what you’re revising
  3. Graft: Get Going

Below is the PowerPoint presentation which Dr Hall used to teach the students how to implement the strategy so that they can improve their perfomance throughout this summer’s GCSE exam period.
Revision Universals

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Boost your skills and confidence to get ahead in life

Boost your skills and confidence to get ahead in life


This term, some of our children will be given the opportunity to sign up to National Citizen Service (NCS), a government-funded programme for 15-17 year olds. Working through physical, personal and creative challenges, this once-in-a-lifetime experience empowers young people to build skills and confidence to get ahead in work and life whilst engaging with their local area. Interested? Then read the letter below for more infomation…

NCS Challenge March 2018


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BUG The Question

BUG The Question

Exams Information

We don’t want to tick you off or get a bee sting from anyone with this post. However this technique really sticks in(sect) our heads!! Team Geography showed us how to BUG questions and it has really helped some of our students unlock what the question is actually asking and gain a few extra marks in exams. We think it works because it is very simple. So, try it for yourself!

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