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Students give generously to yuletide appeal

Students give generously to yuletide appeal

Parent News

What a fantastically generous bunch of students we have at Tottington High School! At this time of year when most young people are writing lengthy Christmas lists, Tottington High School students were busy tirelessly donating to those less fortunate then themselves. A short letter home and a few words of encouragement from form tutors was all that was needed to spur them into action. In less than two weeks we had boxes and bags that were overflowing with donations – which varied from essentials such as shower gel and toothpaste, to luxury items such as make up and gift sets.

Students were mindful of the weather conditions that the homeless recipients might have to face, and donated a plethora of thermal items such as socks, scarfs and gloves. They were also aware that at this time of year everybody deserves a treat! Therefore biscuits, chocolates and sweets were among the edible treats donated.

All these items were gratefully received by Mick Priestley on behalf of Time4change. This charitable organisation offer a free breakfast club each Tuesday and Wednesday morning in Bury where service users receive a hot meal and copious amounts of tea or coffee, as well as the opportunity to have a friendly chat. Ms Al-Bejawi, along with Ms Ward and two Year 11 students, Zoe and Ruby, delivered the donations to the very grateful attendees of the breakfast club on Tuesday 18th December with whom we had a brew and a chat.

Mick and all the volunteers at Time4change, along with the recipients of the donations, wanted to pass on their best wishes and thanks to Tottington High students, parents and teachers for their overwhelming generosity. I would like to second that…well done and thank you!

Ms Al-Bejawi


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Tottington High School is now an academy

Tottington High School is now an academy

Parent News

On the 1st November, Tottington High School converted to academy status and we are now part of The Shaw Education Trust.

We are focused on improving the outcomes for our pupils, and the support and expertise that Shaw Education Trust can provide us in achieving this is invaluable. We feel that now is the right time for us to join the trust, while being able to maintain a good relationship with the local authority. Joining the trust enables us to broaden horizons and push pupils’ educational landscapes that little bit further, ultimately improving pupils’ life outcomes.

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Soccer Success in English Schools’ Comp

Soccer Success in English Schools’ Comp

Sports News

Congratulations go to our Year 11 and Year 7 boys’ football teams who this week saw off the competition from a local Bury school and a Manchester grammar school.

In the first round of the English Schools’ Competition, our year 11 squad comfortably beat St Monica’s RC High School 5 goals to 2; and a team of Year 7s from William Hulme Grammar ended up conceding the match following a relentless onslaught from our boys in red and black.

There were goals a-plenty too during a Year 7 friendly against Elton High School, which ended in a closely fought 3 – 3 draw.

A massive well done to all our footy teams for their efforts this week!

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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Success for Year 10

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Success for Year 10

Duke of Edinburgh

This year eighteen of our Year 10 students have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme and challenged themselves, pushing the boundaries of sport, skill, voluntary work, countryside expeditions with camping and map navigation over a number of days to achieve the required standard to pass their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Next year, they will all take on further challenges towards the Silver Award.

Well done and congratulations to everyone involved!

Mr J Cudworth. (Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator)


Want to get involved with our Duke Of Edinburgh programme? Check out our Duke Of Edinburgh page or speak to Mr Cudworth for more information.

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James Frith MP Addresses Our Finest

James Frith MP Addresses Our Finest

Parent News

Tottington High School was honoured when local MP, James Frith spoke at our annual awards evening, A Celebration of Excellence, which celebrates the fantastic achievements of our very best students. Mr Frith’s inspirational speech was very well received by all whom attended, so much so that we decided that it should be shared with a wider audience. So here it is in full…

It’s great to be here this afternoon. Today marks the award stage of the hard work that’s got you here. I know that success like this doesn’t happen overnight. So congratulations to you all.

I am especially proud to stand here as your fairly new Member of Parliament and address you, the future of Bury. Mums, Dads, Carers, family and friends. You will all be so proud this evening. Congratulations!

Let me start by saying that in me, you have a champion for your school. And in Parliament on Thursday I asked the Minister for schools to reconsider the case to re-build or repair your school. But I know it’s not just about buildings. And your performance and awards this evening haven’t needed new buildings to see you succeed.

My job here as I see it, isn’t just to dish out the prizes but to help draw your eyes to the horizon.

So whether you are near to leaver status or coming to the end of your first year here. Ask yourself. What do you stand for? 

And I want to talk to you about two things. Leadership and opportunity. 

What do you stand for? 

It’s about the contribution you make and the opportunities you take.
It will determine what others see in you or believe about you.
It will be the reason you succeed or a reason why you need to do a little bit more about getting the right answer to the question.

Progress is not automatic. Just as the progress you’ve made at this school, it comes with hard work and determination. Progress is not a right. It is a reward.

The point is this.
The answer to what do you stand for? is not about your shape or size or even the sound of your voice.
It’s about the space you leave in a room when you walk out of it?
If you are not there, what isn’t happening?
If you leave, what doesn’t get done?

And as you journey through this school and for leavers, on to the next stage of education and life, we are in a more and more competitive world. One that is rich with opportunity and anxiety. Of threats and promises. And you are the future of this world. This country. Our town. This school. And standing for something helps you stand out. A world that has great riches and rewards as well as huge uncertainty.

All too often be prepared for unfairness too.
Don’t sit still.
Be busy.
Be the fizz.
And imagine being the best you can be and go for it.
Be active.
Plug in and contribute. 

Decide what you are standing for and live it out. Live it through your relationships, your career, your faith if you have one and your respect and love for others. 

Take opportunities.
Be an active yes person.
Have others think of you as someone to involve, to trust, to go to.
You are all leaders. You lead your own life already. So be a better leader.
Behave like one.
Leadership is a state of mind and an approach to life.
It’s not about being popular but taking ownership of a vision or a responsibility. 

And often it’s about putting others before yourself. And serving.

In Bury we have a brilliant mix of talents and opportunities. Too often though, nationally, a bleak picture is painted of young people and the opportunities you face. It is for you each to reach for those opportunities and for me and everyone else together to ensure those opportunities are there once you leave education.

So – stand up for what you believe in, demand a better deal from life, from politics, from yourself and give thanks for your family, our community and the shoulders of the giants that came before you, on which we all stand. And always remember your life will be shaped by the choices you make and the opportunities you take. Decide what you are standing up for, show leadership and get out there.

Thank you very much.

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