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Harley treats GMP Bury staff to say ‘thanks’ for their response to Manchester Arena terror attack

Harley treats GMP Bury staff to say ‘thanks’ for their response to Manchester Arena terror attack

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AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy saved up his pocket money for two months to buy treats for the police to say ‘thank you’ for their response to the Manchester terror attack.

Harley Watson, from Bury, saw the response on the night of the attack at the Manchester Arena and decided he wanted to thank the officers who were involved immediately or during the aftermath.

Harley, in Year 7 at Tottington High School, had been saving up his pocket money since the attack on May 22 and spent it on goodies such as tea, coffee, biscuits and sweets, which he presented to officers at Bury police station last week.

Harley’s dad is a military veteran and attends the veteran’s breakfast club on Friday mornings at the Mosses Centre in Cecil Street, Bury.

Insp Jim Jones, who supports veterans in Bury as part of his role as strategic support inspector, said: “Occasionally we get members of the public bringing the odd cake in, but we have never had a young lad saving up all his pocket money to treat us.

“It means so much, just somebody saying ‘thank you’ is great, but this is something a more and it means a heck of a lot to the whole team.”

Insp Jones said few GMP Bury staff responded directly to the attack in Manchester but many worked very hard dealing with families and people affected in the aftermath, which in itself was difficult for some officers.

He added: “It is a brilliant gesture from the young lad and I was more than happy to show him around the police station in return.

“He is quite quiet but I think he really enjoyed it.”

Insp Russ Magnall said in 28 years’ service he could not remember anything like this ever happening.

Insp Magnall added: “It touched my heart and the hearts of all of us working here.”

THANKS: Insp Jim Jones shaking hands with Harley Watson. Right is Insp Russ Magnall and in the background are members of the GMP Bury team


Original article appeared in the Bury Times on 26th September 2017
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Your vote counts in the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme

Your vote counts in the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme

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We have been successful in applying for the Tesco Bags for Help Scheme. We have applied for the project to enhance the front of school (i.e. the trees/plants along the side of the car park on Laurel Street and around the stones at the front, which will become Memorial Stones). We are up against 2 other projects but ask that you ask any family/friends to shop at Ramsbottom Tesco as well as yourselves and vote for us. Thankyou.

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Pupils say GCSE results are a ‘sign of strength’ after losing Olivia

Pupils say GCSE results are a ‘sign of strength’ after losing Olivia

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THE Head Boy and Girl at Tottington High School have spoken of their pride at seeing the results of their fellow pupils in their GCSE’s after a turbulent few months for all involved with the school.

At the time that many pupils were revising hard for their GCSE’s in May, Olivia Campbell-Hardy, who attended the school, was killed in the Manchester Arena terror attack.

Thomas Sanderson and Tahlia Greenhalgh, both aged 16 and friends with Olivia, said that the results that people achieved in their exams is a sign of everyone’s togetherness.

Tahlia, from Radcliffe, who achieved two A*s, three As and a 9 in English language, said: “After what happened with Olivia it seemed to make us all stronger and brought us all together.

“We had a Physics exam the day that she died and it could have gone either way with many of us but I think for a lot of us, it took the pressure off and I think that has showed in the results that people have got today.

“We had all been frantically revising and worrying about our exams, but when Olivia passed away it put everything into perspective and made us realise that there is more to life than what it says on a piece of paper.”

Thomas, from Ainsworth, who was awarded 6 A* grades, 3 As and a 9 in maths, said: “The same day that we had a vigil for Olivia in the school hall, lots of us had an important exam but I think we were all spurred on to do well for her and not let it all affect us.

“As the Head Boy I am really proud of my fellow pupils this year for all pulling through.

“Too often, people our age get a bad reputation but the way that we were all there for each other and the way that our school has become stronger has showed that is not always the case.”

Original story from Bury Times, 24th August, written by Duncan Robinson

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