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Invitation to our Parental Forum

Invitation to our Parental Forum


Dear Parent/Carer

At Tottington High School we pride ourselves in having excellent relationships with our families, but are aware that there is always a need to look to improve this relationship and increase forms of communication with our parents/carers. Our Parents’ Evenings are well attended and we regularly keep in touch with many parents via email or phone calls as well as face to face meetings.

Most of these methods are to serve you in relation to discussions about your individual child, but we know that we have many parents/carers who could contribute to help us ensure we are offering the best possible provision to all of our children. We wish to engage with more of our parents/carers to become more involved in our decision making, be able to ask us about what we are doing and reasons for some of the decisions we make.

To that extent, we are introducing our new Parental Forum, which we intend to get going this term through our first two initial meetings. It is then expected we will have one every half term next year. The purpose of the meeting is not to discuss any individual child, but to discuss whole school provision and of course specific aspects of that provision may or may well affect your own child. It is also an opportunity for us to promote the many wonderful positive things taking place here at Tottington High School.

We are continually looking at different ways in which we can promote all the fantastic work of this school whilst continuing on apace with our school improvement drive. As supportive parents/carers your thoughts and ideas would be very welcome.

Therefore, I would like to personally invite you to meet with myself, and one or two other colleagues on Thursday 27th June, from 6.00-7.00 pm. As a parent myself I do understand how busy life is trying to juggle work and home life commitments. However, your input moving forward would be greatly appreciated. Further meetings will have set agendas, which attendees can have the opportunity to contribute to.

If you feel you are able to attend, please could you contact Mrs J Rishton, my PA/Office Manager via the school email – or write a brief note of intention to attend and send in to school for Mrs Rishton’s attention.

Many thanks again for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr B Duffy

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Bury College Taster Day

Bury College Taster Day


As part of the school’s careers provision students have access to a range of information and support so that they are prepared for when they finish school in year 11. As part of this provision, and in collaboration with Bury College the school has been able to organise a day in college for all year 10 students. The day has been organised to provide students with an opportunity to experience college life and study subjects and courses that they may pursue after leaving school.

Taster sessions for the range of subjects/courses (from A-levels to apprenticeships) available at Bury College have been provided to students and they have made their choices for the day. The sessions are taster sessions and we have encouraged students to make their selections with this in mind as the day is a valuable opportunity to investigate subjects/courses that they would like to know more about. Each student will be provided with an individual timetable based on their choices and they will follow this for the day. As well as the opportunity to sample the different subjects and courses the day has also been organised with the aim of providing students with an experience of wider college life.

Students will be required to make their own way to/from Bury College, navigate around the site during the day and study in the surroundings and facilities of a large campus. We hope that this challenge is one that students will embrace and to support them with this members of Tottington High School staff will be present in the taster sessions and around the campus during the day.

In terms of organisation on the day, students will be expected to arrive promptly for registration at the college. Registration will take place at 9:30am. Students will be required to organise their own transport/journey and they can bring a packed lunch or money to buy food from the college. Students will not be allowed off the college campus during break and lunchtime and students will be dismissed at 3:15pm. If there are any particular issues with transport, please contact me at school.

Any student that receives school meals will be provided with a packed lunch if required (please indicate this on the reply slip below).

Students will not be required to wear school uniform and should come dressed appropriately for the day. Standards of dress and professionalism will be emphasised to students before the visit. As with all of our non-uniform days, make-up and jewellery rules will be ‘relaxed’ but we insist on ‘sensible’ amounts of both. Tops must not reveal midriffs or shoulders and should not be ‘low-cut’. Any student who we feel is not following these guidelines will be removed from the day (parents/carers will be contacted). Under the circumstances we would appreciate your support in reinforcing this point to your child.

For some of the vocational courses specific clothing will be required. Particular requirements will be organised with individual students depending on the course/s they have chosen. Students will also be issued with a timetable that will provide details of the lessons and rooms that they will be in for the day.

It is hoped that the day will be a valuable and rewarding one for all year 10 students and that the experience of college and of subjects/courses that they are interested in will help support their post 16 choices and provide them with the motivation to fulfil their potential in year 11.

Students will be reminded of the importance of excellent behaviour and their responsibilities as representatives of the school. As with the appropriateness of clothing above, students that do not meet these high standards whilst at the college will be withdrawn from the day. Additional actions will be taken when back in school and there will be further implications for participation in future school visits and end of year activities.
I would like to thank you in advance for your support with this college visit for your son/daughter. Please could you complete the slip below and return it via your son/daughter to the Main Office at school.

Bury College Taster Day 2019

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Exam Letter to Parents 2019

Exam Letter to Parents 2019

Parent News

Dear Parents,

As we enter this important phase in your child’s education, we just wanted to give some information to assist you at this time. This letter outlines some important information about our procedures and rules during the exam period and we appreciate your support in ensuring your child follows all of these regulations.

It is important that all students are using their time to the maximum potential and revision and preparation are crucial to examination success. Students have received a revised timetable for the examination period, which outlines specific revision sessions before each of their exams to best prepare them for their exams. The timetable is also on the school website.

We expect all students to attend their lessons until the end of the exam period. Where a student attends a lesson where they have completed their exam in, we expect them to come furnished with revision work so that they can use that time productively. They will be given specific information as they go through the exam period. They must ensure that when in school they are wearing their full school uniform. Any student who attends not in uniform will be expected to wear items given to them. We appreciate your support with this.

GCSE examinations are ‘external’ exams and are timetabled and regulated by the Exam Boards and cannot be sat at any other time. If your child is late to an exam they will risk not being allowed into the exam hall to sit their exam. Your son/daughter will be expected to abide by the Examination Board Rules. Please refer to the Conduct Guidelines/Regulations for the GCSE Examinations on the school website for clarification if needed.

Your child is responsible for providing his/her own equipment for the exams and it should be brought in a transparent case or polythene bag. Students will need a black biro, a pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, calculator (except for the maths non-calculator exams) and pair of compasses. They may also require additional equipment, such as pencil crayons for subjects such as Design and Technology. They are allowed water in the examinations, but they must remove labels from bottles.

Students must not bring into the exam room any books, notes or other materials. Mobile phones, smart watches, wristwatches, MP3 players, headphones etc. are strictly forbidden and should be kept at home or left in student bags during the exam. These items must not be in the exam room. If a student is found with any of these items, it is deemed as malpractice and their grade in that exam is seriously in danger of being cancelled.

Can we finally take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the period of your child’s education and remind you of some final key dates:

1. Year 11 Prom is Thursday 27th June at Bury Town Hall from 7pm onwards for those invited.
2. Year 11 GCSE Results Day is Thursday 22nd August in school. Results can be collected between 10am and 3pm. If someone is collecting on behalf of the student they must bring a letter signed by the student giving them permission to obtain them along with proof of ID. If results cannot be collected on the day we can post them to you, but a stamped self-addressed envelope must be left with the Exams Office before 19th July 2019.
3. Year 11 – GCSE Certificate Collection Evening, November 2019 – Details to be sent to students in September 2019.
4. Y11 Final Assembly – the date for this has not been set yet but will be communicated with students and will be shortly after the final exam.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Officer Mrs Standring. Head of Year 11, Mrs Pollitt or myself at the school.

Yours sincerely

Miss E Guirguis
Deputy Headteacher


Exams Letter to Parents 2019

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Quiet Revision Space at The Tottington Centre

Quiet Revision Space at The Tottington Centre

Parent News


The Tottington Centre is a warm, accessible and welcoming environment for adults and children alike. It is a place where you can read a newspaper, chat with friends, use the computers, change your books, join an activity session, have a snack or a drink, and also, for those who would like to, volunteer your services.

Click or tap here to visit the Tottington Centre website

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