Our school community would like to thank our wider community for the support and condolences received over the recent period following the passing away of one of our students, Olivia Campbell-Hardy. This has meant a great deal to our students, staff, governors and families.

We have now removed the floral tributes in readiness for our return to school and these flowers will be scattered on our school garden. Any plants which had been placed will be planted on our school grounds.

Once again a thank you from all at Tottington High School.

Mr. B. Duffy

Term Dates 2017-18 Announced

Term Dates 2017-18 Announced

We are pleased to announce the term dates for the next academic year 2017-18. They are as follows:

Autumn Term

School opens Tuesday 5th September 2017

October Half-Term
School closes Thursday 19th October 2017
School opens Monday 30th October 2017

Occasional Day
School closes Friday 24th November 2017
School opens Tuesday 28th November 2017

School closes Friday 22nd December 2017 (at 1.10pm)

Spring Term

School opens Monday 8th January 2018

February Half-Term
School closes Friday 16th February 2018
School opens Monday 26th February 2018

School closes Thursday 29th March 2018

Summer Term

School opens Monday 16th April 2018

May Day
School closes Friday 4th May 2018
School opens Tuesday 8th May 2018

Spring Bank Holiday
School closes Friday 25th May 2018
School opens Monday 4th June 2018

School Closes Friday 20th July 2018 (at 1.10pm)

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