THS Students’ Success at Debating Challenge Event

THS Students’ Success at Debating Challenge Event

Ms Sestanovic took 16 Year 10 pupils on Wednesday 12th July to the Bury College Debating Challenge. The event was organised especially for our school after the recent tragedies as both Adam and Olivia should have been attending.

The pupils were superb and prepared excellent arguments on three key topics:

  • Zoos and Safari Parks should be banned
  • The legal voting age in the UK should be reduced to 16
  • Instagram creates unrealistic expectations for lifestyle and body for young people

The pupils were arranged into four teams –

  • Team 1 – Charlotte Larkin, Sophia Karimzadeh, Olivia Wardle and Lucy Kaye
  • Team 2 – Laura Richards, Megan Hockey, Lauren Hunt and Ellie Cairns
  • Team 3 – Molly Nuttall, Beker Khalid, Tom Woodward and Sophie Stanford
  • Team 4 – Oliver Limb, Louis Bancroft, Jo Woodman and Olivia Carroll

Team 3 came first with team 4 close behind.

THS Pupils at GM School Games

THS Pupils at GM School Games

Over 2,200 young people compete at GM School Games

The opening ceremony saw a celebration for the city of Manchester after the recent attacks at the Manchester Arena. Support was shown for Manchester through Parrs Wood choir performing ‘My Everything’, the ‘This Place’ poem being read by pupils from Tottington High School, the school which Manchester attack victim Olivia Campbell attended, and Street Shakers dance group dancing to Ariana Grande’s ‘One Last Time’ sung by singer Tasia Sky and 14 year old guitarist from Salford Josh Hart.

World class facilities from around the county were utilised for the games, including the National Cycling Centre and the National Basketball Performance Centre where competitions took place.

There were 24 competitions taking place in Athletics, Basketball, BMX, Netball, Football, Rounders, New Age Kurling and many more. A full list of the sports and the results can be found here.

Nearly 200 young volunteers came together to form the School Games crew this year. They underwent training before the event, with some gaining qualifications to ensure they could help deliver the events with the National Governing Body of their sport. Responsibilities of the volunteers on the day included refereeing, officiating and team management.

The Games also welcomed councilors, mayors, previous Olympians and young volunteers to celebrate the city of Manchester.

The event was GreaterSport, on behalf of the local organising committee for the event. CEO, Yvonne Harrison commented:

“What a fantastic day of school sports competition and a great opportunity to celebrate the city of Manchester. We are proud to be remembering those involved in the Manchester attacks as we know so many of the schools who attended have been affected. Our Greater Manchester Summer School Games event brought schools from all 10 boroughs together for an Olympic style competition, with high performing young athletes from across the county. We are delighted by the hard work of all involved including young leaders and volunteers.”

Photos from the day can be found here.

Huge thanks go to the School Games Organisers in each area who organise the local events throughout the year.

Article originally appeared on Greater Sport website on 6th July 2017. Click here to view original article.

Water Safety Advice

Water Safety Advice

As temperatures rise, it’s tempting to cool off with a swim in a river, canal, lake or reservoir. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is regularly called to rescue people who have got into trouble in the water.

What are the dangers?

  • There is no supervision.
  • The cold water temperature can claim your life in minutes – even if you are a strong swimmer.
  • It’s difficult to estimate the depth of the water. It may be much deeper or much shallower than expected.
  • There are often no suitable places to get out of the water due to steep slimy banks or sides.
  • There is no way of knowing what lies beneath – there could be weeds, pipes, shopping trolleys, sharp metal or broken bottles.
  • Swimming in open water can lead to a variety of serious illnesses.
  • There may be hidden currents. Flowing water or swimming in the sea can be especially dangerous.
  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix – perception and capability are both affected by drinking.

What should I do if I see someone in difficulty?

  • Alert someone, preferably a lifeguard. Or, dial 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service. Explain your location clearly and describe any landmarks.
  • Swim somewhere safe – the swimming baths.
  • Obey the warning signs around reservoirs, lakes, canals, rivers and at the beach.
  • Value your own safety first – jumping into the water to rescue pets or belongings can be highly dangerous.
  • Know what to do in an emergency – ring 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service. Explain your location clearly and describe any landmarks.
  • Enjoy organised water sports in a safe environment – with the correct equipment and a qualified instructor.

For further information on water safety visit:

Download the Water Safety leaflet

Water Safety Leaflet

Now watch the video ‘Filling Up’ by the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service:

School Closure

School Closure

Tottington High School will be closed to students on Tuesday 20th June in a mark of respect for our student Olivia Campbell-Hardy whose funeral service will be that day. This will allow those in our school community the opportunity to attend.

The funeral service will be at St. Anne’s Church Tottington, commencing at 1.30pm. Following the funeral, a service will be held at East Lancashire Crematorium in Radcliffe and then an event will be held at Bury Football Club.

The school office will be open until 1pm for normal school enquiries. GCSEs and GCSE Revision sessions timetabled for that day will go ahead as planned.

Thank you

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