Year 11 GCSE and College Update

Year 11 GCSE and College Update

To all Year 11 Learners and their Parents/Carers…

Well done to all those year 11 learners who are keeping up with their GCSE studies and preparation for their Post-16 pathways. Exam results will be released in August for pupils and at that time details of an appeal process will be published. Year 11 pupils will have the option to sit some of the GCSE exams in Autumn if they choose to do so.

How the GCSE grades will be awarded this summer has been released, and is explained in more detail on our Exams Information page. We have had correspondence from Mr Frost, the Principal of Holy Cross College, and I have included some of that text below. I have every confidence that his guidance reflects our guidance and the guidance of all other post 16 college providers:

What I would like schools to embrace, is the absolute importance – by way of preparation for A level study – of still getting students as close as possible to the level of mastery in their subjects they would normally have by May/June. That final exam preparation is often the time when they finally ‘get’ their subjects, and through revision come to a more complete understanding. ‘The best preparation for Year 12 is sound knowledge of year 11’. They need to have been brought as close as possible to the point they would otherwise have reached – especially those who will wish to resit their exams in the autumn.

Please share this information with your child. Please ensure they continue with their studies.

GCSE Results

Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, has published their guidance to teachers, students, parents and carers, along with a letter to students who should have been sitting their examinations this summer. Links to these documents have been put onto the Exams Information page.

To help understand how the grades will be awarded Ofqual have produced a clip which is available below.

This comprehensive clip explains the process which the teachers will be undertaking once they return from the Easter break. There will be robust quality assurance processes put in place to ensure that the guidance is followed and that the correct grades are awarded. I must remind you that the grades submitted will not be shared with you, as per the process outlined by Ofqual.

College Updates

Bury College

Bury College are currently working on resources for new applicants to help you get ready for starting in September. This will be accessible via their website under the heading ‘Be College Ready’. They are hoping to launch this mid-May.

Be Prepared

  • Curriculum related content i.e. work books, reading lists, activities, equipment / uniform / kit information
  • What to bring on your first day
  • Lunch arrangements
  • Example timetable for A Level, Vocational, Apprenticeship
  • An English and maths section

Be Involved

  • Enrichment activities
  • Work Experience information
  • Benefits of Bury College for example the town centre location, free gym, discounted Starbucks products, on-site Bistro, Restaurant and salons

Be Here

  • How to find us
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Campus Map / Campus facilities

Be on Board

Travel information including:

  • College Coach Service
  • Tram
  • Bus

Be Supported

  • Opportunity for applicants to ask questions
  • Mental health information
  • Contacts for additional services, for example ALS, SEN, etc.
  • Information on quiet rooms, etc.

Be Inspired
To include previous successful students as case studies

Bolton College

Please find the link to Bolton College’s magazine below. It is designed to keep you informed and more importantly entertained over the coming weeks.

Whilst the buildings are closed to visitors Bolton College will be carrying out interviews by phone during the day. They will be texting and emailing all young people who have already booked an evening date/time to update them on the revised arrangements.

On receipt of a new application Bolton College will text you to advise them of the new telephone interview arrangements.

It is vital that Bolton College have up to date mobile numbers and email addresses for all applicants. Changes can be made by emailing

Hopwood Hall

Please be assured that no applicants for the next academic year will be affected. The College will be engaging with prospective new students throughout this period to ensure they feel welcome and well informed about their College place for next year. Although face to face interviews are not going to be possible throughout this period, all applicants will be offered a place at the College.

Hopwood Hall continue to welcome online applications throughout this period and the Admissions Team will be working to process all new applications in a timely manner. In the meantime, prospective students that require careers advice should email

Holy Cross

Request from Holy Cross College: if you have yet to login into your application portal to accept your offer for September please do so asap. This would be greatly appreciated by the College. Many thanks.

Also on their website is the following statement for current applicants to Holy Cross.

For those students who have applied to come to Holy Cross in September 2020 and are currently holding offers, we want to reassure you that we will endeavour to be as understanding as possible with regard to the current uncertainty surrounding GCSEs. All students should feel reassured that as soon as Government decisions about GCSE qualifications are known, the College will work to make any adaptions necessary to the process or timing of allocating students to appropriate courses.

Salford/Pendleton College

Information can be accessed via On the webpage there are links to guidance for new applicants. The links to which are also given below;

Guidance for School Leaver (Year 11) Applicants 

Pre-Enrolment Learning for School Leaver (Year 11) Applicants

Connexions Young People’s Helpline

We understand that you will be uncertain about your exams and worried about your next step but Connexions is still here to help and support you, even though we are working in a different way.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

The team of advisers can offer you information, advice and guidance, not just about careers, but any questions about other matters like finance, college applications or just to talk to someone about your situation and how to cope. If they can’t answer your question, they will put you in touch with the right people who can give you the support you need.

How to contact Connexions:

Young People’s Helpline:  0161 253 7733  

If the line is busy, please leave your name, telephone number and a message and someone will get back to you.

We hope that this has helped you to be kept informed at what is a most important time for you.
Many thanks for your continued support and please stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Miss E Guirguis
Deputy Headteacher

BUG The Question

BUG The Question

We don’t want to tick you off or get a bee sting from anyone with this post. However this technique really sticks in(sect) our heads!! Team Geography showed us how to BUG questions and it has really helped some of our students unlock what the question is actually asking and gain a few extra marks in exams. We think it works because it is very simple. So, try it for yourself!

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