Behaviour Policy

This policy is set within the mission statement of the school and is supported by the school’s policies on attendance, anti-bullying and equal opportunities. It also supports the school’s other policies on Teaching and Learning. At Tottington High School we expect the highest standards of behaviour.

Behaviour management is the responsibility of all members of staff. We believe that positive behaviour is better taught not caught. We take a pro-active approach to promoting positive behaviour. This means we set out to teach such skills as mutual respect, co-operation, organisational skills, listening skills, discussion skills, working independently, working with others, problem-solving and resolving conflict.

Tottington High School’s culture is based on the right to teach and the right to learn. We promote self discipline; encourage positive behaviour, respect for others, regular attendance, punctuality, and the completion of school work. We believe that in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, positive behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. We seek to create a caring, learning environment in the school by promoting positive behaviour and discipline.


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