Home to School Bus Services 2018/2019

Home to School Bus Services 2018/2019

Parent News

TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) have released the school bus timetables for the forthcoming academic year and the contact details of the bus operators.

TfGM have been notified that Rosso are no longer able to provide their commercial school services 469(485) AM/PM journeys. TfGM have been able to replace these journeys re-numbered 902 (AM journey operated by Atlantic Travel and PM journey operated by Tyrers). Please note that the operators of school bus services might have also be changed, so please refer to the timetable below:

THS Bus Timetables Sept18


An introduction to School buses and concessionary fares for students in Greater Manchester

Passengers can pay a fare to the driver for each journey shown on this timetable. However, students will need to show an IGO pass to travel at the concessionary (reduced) fare. If students do not have an IGO pass, they will have to pay a higher fare.

Most of the journeys shown in this timetable are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The majority of TfGM funded services charge a standard fare and also offer daily return tickets. In some cases, the return ticket can also be used for travel on other journeys which serve similar areas – even if it is provided by a different operator. On most services, students can also buy a weekly scholar’s ticket, which costs £7.30. These are ONLY valid on schooldays on school buses and are available from the bus driver on all services where they are applicable. To help the driver, please try to have the correct fare when buying your ticket.

A summary of fares and ticketing information on all school services included in this timetable can be found at https://www.tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/bus-school-bus-services

There are also a small number of TfGM funded services where the operator sets the fares. You will need to check with the operator what fares are available.

Yellow School Buses

This timetable also shows the journeys operated by Yellow School Buses.

Yellow School Bus journeys have special travel conditions and can only be used by students who hold a Yellow School Bus pass which is valid for that journey. Students who wish to use a Yellow School Bus should go to https://www.tfqm.com/tickets-and-passes /bus-vellow-school-busesfor details on how to apply for a pass.

The IGO Pass

All students between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses.
The IGO pass is like an ID card and proves that the student is aged 16 or under. It must be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare.

The IGO pass costs £10 and can only be bought by students who live, or go to school in Greater Manchester .

More information on IGO and an application form to get an IGO pass is on the TfGM website at http://iqo.tfgm.com

(Please note: students who are entitled to a free Scholars Travel Pass for journeys between home and school and students aged between 16 and 19 who have a Scholars Concessionary Pass, do not need an IGO Pass for these journeys)

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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Final Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Final Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh

Date: Lake District – 30th June 2018 – 2nd July 2018
Route: Skelwith Bridge – Coniston – Torver – Seathwaite – Eskdale

Typical. Our final expedition was set to be in the middle of a heatwave, about the only time you don’t want temperatures in the high twenties and blazing sun all day. Luckily Mr Cudworth and our assessor, Pam, agreed to reduce the weight of our rucksacks so we set off with a lightened load across the beautiful Lake District National Park.

We set out into some woodland and then promptly got lost. Despite Kaitlan, from the other team, telling us the correct way to go. After what seemed like ages we finally found the path and were able to get back on track reaching our checkpoint on time. From then on we continued in fairly high spirits albeit very hot and sweaty passing through our checkpoints.

When we reached Coniston, Martyn suggested we go and see the grave of Sir Malcom Campbell; the land and water world speed record holder. So Beker and I did, however I had been expecting there to be some information about it (I’m not sure why) so was slightly disappointed it was just a grave.

Again we set off this time into fields, where we found a whole dead sheep skeleton so obviously we (Garfieh) carried the skull, which we named Larry, for most of the rest of the day.

We reached camp, set up our tents, ate tea and then went to bed earlier than usual (I think some of us were still feeling the after effects of prom). When we woke up the next morning everyone seemed surprised at how well they had slept considering the frozen nightmares of the practise.

The Yorkys left camp an hour early to try to escape the worst of the sun and we followed soon after. Unfortunately Ellie wasn’t very well so after checkpoint one she went back with Martyn and Miss Harvey whilst the rest of us set off up a mountain (Dow Crag 778m). We made steady progress up it and everyone was ecstatic when we reached the top and saw the stunning views, you could even see the Isle of Man. We were so excited we dumped our rucksacks and climbed to the very top with Mr Cudworth.

Eventually we set off down a very steep path, by the time we had made it to the bottom Molly and Kian had reached the end of 99 bottles of gin on the wall. Here we saw and felt the effects of the heat despite Beker insisting it wasn’t hot even though it was 29 degrees. Garfieh turned himself into a warrior using face paint and a wet towel and the Tarn had begun to dry up.

Ellie re-joined us at checkpoint 5 and we headed to the campsite where, as it was Holly’s 16th birthday the next day, we had a massive treat. Ice-cream! Which was delicious in the heat. After doing all the necessary jobs we headed to the river where we watched Garfieh playing in the river, pretending to be a salmon.

The next day we set off early again. As we made our way through fields we began singing and an American woman commented she was able to hear us from the top of the hill. Due to the sweltering heat we decided to navigate a route just off our path so that we passed a tarn. Mr Cudworth and Miss Harvey said they would turn a blind eye to us going in for a paddle, I am so glad they did because as Molly said it was the best time on D of E ever!

After all the fun we decided we had better get a move on as we were seriously late so we trekked the last bit as fast as we could. We reached the end still well over an hour late and couldn’t find the van anywhere so we began to think they had set off without us. However after a couple of minutes they turned up and we set off back.

If my feet were anything to go by the smell in the van must have been torture. But it was worth it as I absolutely loved it and had a great time and am sure the others did.

Jo Woodman – Year 11

Thank you to Mr Cudworth, Miss Harvey and Martyn for taking us.

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Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Final Expedition

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Final Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh

Yorkshire Dales – Thursday 7th & Friday 8th June 2018

Eighteen of our year 10 students participated in their final expedition in the Yorkshire Dales, all groups completed the total distance of approximately 24 kilometres and had the pleasure to camp over at Gordale House Campsite. (Malham)

Starting location Hellifield to Cracoe via Malham wasn’t an easy task and all our students had to carry everything required in their rucksacks whilst under the watchful eye of their assessor Jenny Mills!

Mr J Cudworth is delighted with the achievements of everyone involved and pleased that they have all passed with flying colours!

Thank you so much to all staff involved for all your help, work, commitment and most of all giving up your time for our year 10s, their Dofe experience wouldn’t be as positive without your kind voluntary help that’s required to produce such a successful Dofe expedition. Miss K Harvey, Miss V Duke, Mr M Wilson.

Mr J Cudworth. (DofE Coordinator)


Final Expedition

Written by Abbey Fogartaig 10J and Elizabeth Mumbray 10J

Our expedition started at Hellifield and thankfully, the weather was on our side once again.

We all began to make our way to our first checkpoint. At checkpoint two, The Pot Noodles (Green Group) and Big Mob Mafia (Red Group) crossed each other’s paths and we came to a halt as we had to work our way around the obstacle which was the horses. After some time, we managed to make our way around the horses and continued on our journey together until our paths split. We continued from checkpoint to checkpoint laughing and singing, keeping our spirits high. Roilet Smashh (Blue Group) had the amazing opportunity climbing to the top of Malham Cove. Although the walk was long and tiring, the beautiful views made up for it. You could see for miles across the Yorkshire Dales.

Eventually we arrived at the campsite, set up our tents then started to cook our tea. Mr Cudworth warned us about the state of the campsite and the things that were hoarded there, but nothing could prepare everyone for what we saw. Stacks of disposable barbecues, bottles and much more were found but we had fun as we explored the campsite in more detail. Not long after we all made our way to Gordale Scar waterfall located a short walk north of the campsite. We all had fun messing around and splashing in the water, some of us even sticking our heads under the waterfall!

Once we had finished by the waterfall, we all dried off and got into our pyjamas, sat together and sang as I (Abbey) played the guitar, laughing and joking around, bringing us all closer together.

Then it was time for bed and we were in for a much better night’s sleep than last time.

The next morning, we were greeted by another day of sunshine. Everyone began to pack up our belongings and set off for another day of adventures. We again made our way from checkpoint to checkpoint, feeling tired but keeping the spirits high. We encouraged each other by singing and telling jokes. We finally made it to the finishing location (Cracoe) and set off on the bus back to school. Although exhausted, everyone really enjoyed our time in the Yorkshire Dales and we can’t wait to step up the challenge and sign up for Silver Award next year!


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More Reasons to Raise Funds for DofE

More Reasons to Raise Funds for DofE

Duke of Edinburgh

Well done to some of our school’s Year 10 students who last weekend raised a whopping £740 for the Duke Of Edinburgh award. The team, supervised by our DofE Co-ordinator Mr Cudworth, packed bags in the Morrisons store in Ramsbottom and delighted customers gave them their loose change and donations as a reward. The money raised will be spent on camping equipment for the forthcoming Duke Of Edinburgh Expeditions.

Want to get involved in the Duke Of Edinburgh programme? Check out the DofE page or speak to Mr Cudworth in school to get more information.

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