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Equipment & Planner

Equipment & Planner

Year 6


You must make sure that you are prepared for school and have the following items of equipment:

  • A school bag for books
  • Pens – black
  • Pencils
  • Ruler (30cm)
  • Eraser
  • Set squares
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Coloured pencils

A drawstring bag should not be used for your main school bag but only for additional equipment eg PE kit.

For some practical subjects additional uniform/equipment is needed, e.g. PE, Food Technology etc. and you will be given regular detailed information of these requirements.

Student Planner

You will be given a Planner at the start of the year which is a very valuable piece of your school equipment. The Planner is used for a number of aspects of your school life, including: recording homework; as a means for communication between school and home, as a means of providing your parents with information on some of the systems we have in school; as a means for you to record relevant green/yellow/red behaviour points. We ask that your parents sign the planner at the end of each term / half term.


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School Rules

School Rules

Year 6


Long hair MUST be fastened back off the face with plain and discreet hair accessories. No extreme hairstyles. Hair colouring, if used, must be within a range of natural hair colour and must not be in extreme contrasting colours, e.g. black and blond. Minimum of a ‘No 2’ for short hairstyles and no shaved lines or contrasting lengths are allowed.


For safety and security reasons, only a watch may be worn. No other jewellery is acceptable.


Make-up must not be worn in school.


For boys and girls, the wearing of trainers, sports shoes, open sandals, backless shoes or pumps is not permitted. Footwear must not exceed past the ankle bone. Footwear that displays a sports designer logo, such as Adidas/Nike, is unsuitable and parents should check with school if in any doubt before purchasing footwear. Girls should note that heeled shoes must be low.

Electronic equipment

Mobile phones and iPods, etc. are for use at break and lunchtimes only and never indoor except in the dining room and Rm9 (sandwich room). Equipment should be kept out of sight around school and must not be visible in top/front pocket of blazer. No students may take photographs or videos using their phones.


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The Cashless School Meals System

The Cashless School Meals System

Year 6

The school employs a cashless school meals system, which essentially means that you will not be paying for a school meal with cash at a cash till in the dining room.

A computer controlled by impact software will control the whole system by recognising each individual student, hold individual cash balances, record cash spent and cash received, record where money is spent, on what food, on any specific date and time of the day.

You will be recognised by your index finger print and by photograph. The selected food item will be entered into the system from an itemised keyboard, while the amount spent and the new cash balance will show on the display.

Methods of payment etc. will be communicated to all parents & students during enrollment process.


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Transport To and From School

Transport To and From School

Year 6

Transport to and from school is of course the responsibility of parents/carers but we will endeavour to assist in any arrangements to ease with this issue. There are a number of school buses which travel to our school from the surrounding areas. For children who cycle we have facilities for bicycles and would ask that you make sure your cycle is roadworthy, you cycle sensibly and safely, and you lock it up whilst at school.

Buses and Routes (correct at time of print):

  • Tottington High School (0840/1515)
  • Bury Bridge – Walshaw – Tottington High School : Service 876
  • Radcliffe – Walshaw – Tottington High School : Service 886
  • Radcliffe – Tottington High School : Service 885
  • Rawtenstall – Ramsbottom – Holcombe Brook – THS : Service 892
  • Bury Bridge – Woodhill – Tottington High School : Service 901
  • Walmersley – Tottington High School: Service:- (am) 901/469 (pm) 901/484


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School Closure

School Closure

Parent News

Tottington High School will be closed to students on Tuesday 20th June in a mark of respect for our student Olivia Campbell-Hardy whose funeral service will be that day. This will allow those in our school community the opportunity to attend.

The funeral service will be at St. Anne’s Church Tottington, commencing at 1.30pm. Following the funeral, a service will be held at East Lancashire Crematorium in Radcliffe and then an event will be held at Bury Football Club.

The school office will be open until 1pm for normal school enquiries. GCSEs and GCSE Revision sessions timetabled for that day will go ahead as planned.

Thank you

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