MyEd School Parent App

Parents: Make sure you put a security PIN code on the app & enable your phone to accept push notifications to start receiving instant messages.

I downloaded it and a few hours later both of my children were added to the app. I can see absences and attendance records and their school timetables. The app seems really useful with loads of info and resources all in one place. The school dinner app links to the Bury website, something we have not been able to access previously.



How to get the MyEd school app

The My Ed app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below:

Step 1 – Go to your App Store
Step 2 – Search for My Ed
Step 3 – Download the Free app

Once the parent/carer has installed and opened the My Ed App:

  • Allow the request for notification and then search for Tottington High School
  • Complete the fields presented (Name, Mobile number and Email address)
  • Tap the Link Account link. A security code will be sent to the mobile number given. This security code should be input in the relevant field on the App and the Create Account link should be tapped.
  • After a short period of time the parent/carer will then be able to see and access the public – facing buttons on your App.
  • Overnight, My Ed will check that the mobile number given by the parent/carer matches the number attributed to a parent/carer with parental responsibility in our MIS system, if this number is correct the parent/carer will be able to see the relevant child(ren) on the My Students button on the App. If this number does not match and/or is not attributed to a Parent/carer with parental responsibility in our MIS then the parent/carer will not have access to this area.

The following are links to the My Ed App:

Apple iOS App: –
Click here for the Apple version
Google Android App: –
Click here for the Android version

How the My Ed App deals with multiple students for the same parent/carer

If a parent/carer has more than one child in our school and the parent/carer taps the My Students button, the names of all of the children, that they are responsible for, will be listed.

The parent/carer taps on the name of the relevant child and My Ed will show the details pertaining to this child.

Please Note : Once a parent/carer has downloaded the app and connected to a school they are immediately able to start communicating with the school