Pupils say GCSE results are a ‘sign of strength’ after losing Olivia

Pupils say GCSE results are a ‘sign of strength’ after losing Olivia

THE Head Boy and Girl at Tottington High School have spoken of their pride at seeing the results of their fellow pupils in their GCSE’s after a turbulent few months for all involved with the school.

At the time that many pupils were revising hard for their GCSE’s in May, Olivia Campbell-Hardy, who attended the school, was killed in the Manchester Arena terror attack.

Thomas Sanderson and Tahlia Greenhalgh, both aged 16 and friends with Olivia, said that the results that people achieved in their exams is a sign of everyone’s togetherness.

Tahlia, from Radcliffe, who achieved two A*s, three As and a 9 in English language, said: “After what happened with Olivia it seemed to make us all stronger and brought us all together.

“We had a Physics exam the day that she died and it could have gone either way with many of us but I think for a lot of us, it took the pressure off and I think that has showed in the results that people have got today.

“We had all been frantically revising and worrying about our exams, but when Olivia passed away it put everything into perspective and made us realise that there is more to life than what it says on a piece of paper.”

Thomas, from Ainsworth, who was awarded 6 A* grades, 3 As and a 9 in maths, said: “The same day that we had a vigil for Olivia in the school hall, lots of us had an important exam but I think we were all spurred on to do well for her and not let it all affect us.

“As the Head Boy I am really proud of my fellow pupils this year for all pulling through.

“Too often, people our age get a bad reputation but the way that we were all there for each other and the way that our school has become stronger has showed that is not always the case.”

Original story from Bury Times, 24th August, written by Duncan Robinson

Pupil in illustrious company after top GCSE results

Pupil in illustrious company after top GCSE results

A pupil at Tottington High School is rejoicing after her GCSE results placed her in prestigious company.

Halle Preston, aged 16, from Radcliffe, was the top achiever in her school as she was awarded Grade 9 in English language, English literature and the mathematics.

It is thought that gaining three 9s means she is one of approximately 2,000 others to have achieved the feat nationwide.

Halle will now go to Holy Cross College after also receiving five A*s and one A.

She said: “I did a lot better than expected to be honest. I knew that I would do well in English but not in my other subjects.

“I just put it down to lots of hard work and dedication. I think that I was more emotional than my parents when I saw what I had got. I was crying my eyes out!”

Halle is now eyeing a possible career as an author and is currently in the process of writing a sci-fi book, which she is planning to illustrate herself.

“The dream is to become and author in the future but we will see what happens, I want to keep my options open.”

Halle will take up English literature and psychology at college, and thinks that she will also study biology.

She added: “Tottington High is such a great school and I am going to really miss everyone. All of the teachers here are just brilliant.”

Original story from Bury Times, 24th August, written by Duncan Robinson

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