Report by Harry McCabe

On Wednesday 20th April 2016 Year 9 took part in The Lion Heart Challenge.

The Lion Heart Challenge is designed to get students to work in teams to create a business proposal. Year 9 were asked to design a business proposal which would support a particular group of people within our local community who faced some kind of challenge e.g The elderly or disabled.

Each team had to build their proposal from the ground up. They had to consider the project name, logo, business plan and how it would be financed. The project encouraged students to work effectively as a team and within a particular time frame.

Once each group came up with an idea they presented it to the judges who then picked winners based on who had the best idea that would benefit the community, whose financial plan was the most thought out, whose idea would be the most successful and so on.

Here is what two students thought of the day:


“The day had lots of good information and was really helpful for me”


“It helped us to speak out about the community and taught us how to speak out confidently”