Congratulations to the following students who earned the top green points in their year group for September!

Year 7- 1. Jack Veichmanis (7J) 2. Tiana Lee (7R) 3. Lewis Gibbons (7J)

Year 8- 1. Elizabeth Mumbary (8N) 2. Scarlett Stafford-Naylor (8R) 3. Ethan Abbot (8J) 3. Georgia Hodson (8N)

Year 9- 1. Joshua Lomax (9W) 2. William Alberto (9W) 3. Holly Baines (9Y)

Year 10- 1. Luke Exley (10J) 2. Molly Brophy (10Y) 3. Elle Cronshow (10Y) 3. Marian Obi (10Y)

Year 11- 1. Amee Townsend (11R) 2. Danielle Harris (11N) 3. Ethans Dunnington (11Y)


The overall winner was JACK VEICHMANIS (7J) with 27 green points!



If you want to see your name up for October’s winners then get earning those green points for yourself and for your House!