By Adam Lawler 9W & John Dawson 9N

 On the 27th of April Year 9 R.E. and GCSE Art students attended a project to remember the Holocaust and commemorate Yom Hashoah; the Jewish day of remembrance through Art.

We started by looking at pictures of young children and their families who lost their lives to the Holocaust. We then examined artistic pieces created during the Holocaust in the ghettos and we then learned that they used spiritual resistance to fight off the Nazi’s. Though they had no weapons they had talent and art, proving that they could survive through their legacy.

We then examined how the Jewish culture survived the deprivation of the anti-semitic environment.

We then proceeded to create our own pieces based on the legacy and suffering of the victims. We used varying forms of media and materials to create our works, and we later discovered that we learned a vast amount about the culture in the ghetto and how the Jewish spirit still lived on and still does to this day.

We are still sad to know that people have not learned the lessons that the Holocaust has taught us. For example:

  • The Rwandan Genocide
  • The Bosnian Genocide
  • The situation in North Korea
  • 911
  • The Arab Spring

Just this week our own Government has been debating whether  to accept 3000 Syrian refugees into the UK and even the Bury MP David Nuttall voted against letting the Syrian Orphans into the Country.

We hope everyone can experience the work we have created as it will be exhibited on 4th May in Manchester we will post details as soon as soon as we have them.