Our Echo contributor badges have arrived!

You can now earn a badge by contributing to the site.

Echo badges


What could I contribute?

-Reviews of games/apps/books/albums/concerts/holiday destinations/revision websites/topics you have studied

-Reports on school trips you have been on


-Work you have completed in school/out of school that you are particularly proud of

-Submit a question to Head Teacher’s corner

-Share your news

(We are open to ideas. Echo is all about you. So if you can think of something that you would like to share with our school community, just let us know!)

Where can I submit my contribution?

-The post box on the door of L2

-Email info@tottington.wawordpress.co.uk

How does the badge system work?

1 contribution= Bronze badge

5 contributions= Silver badge

10+ contributions = Gold badge

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you wearing the contributor badges and getting involved.