On Thursday 11th February, Year 7 learnt about disabilities and hate crime during their immersion day.

Report by Georgia Platt 7R

Firstly, we had an assembly in the Lofthouse building, led by Lesley from Bury Council and Christopher, Cath and Chris from Bury People First. They told us about people with disabilities and how it affects their lives.

Secondly, we were paired with a Maths teacher per form and watched a short film called “Make them go away” about a boy with disabilities and how it affected his life. We then filled in a sheet about the film and drew pictures of what we think people with disabilities look like. Also, we compared positive and negative words about disabilities.

Next, we watched another short film called “Zack’s Story” about a boy called Zack with Cerebral Palsy, expressing his views on anti-disability bullying.

After break, we looked at celebrities with disabilities and what hate crime and disability mean and watched another 3 short films, titled “Family Ties”, “Off to the shops” and “Journey To Work”, about how having people with disabilities in your family or being someone with a disability.

Also, we created posters, leaflets, billboards, television adverts and radio adverts to promote anti-disability bullying.

After lunch, we showed our adverts and visuals to our teachers and a few were chosen from each form to perform them in the Lofthouse at the end of the day.

Overall, I think the day was a total success and it helped to raise our awareness of different disabilities.