What will I be studying?

  • You will be learning how to use Ordnance Survey Maps and how to find information from maps.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your geographical skills (drawing field sketches, planning investigations).
  • You will investigate tourism around the world by exploring different countries and researching the impacts of tourism upon them.
  • You will examine the coastline of the United Kingdom and learn about how coastal landforms are formed and how humans use coastal areas.
  • You will investigate ‘Geography in the News’ – You will choose a topic yourself to research and present.
  • You will be learning about different climates around the world as well as how different weather conditions occur
  • You will be investigating the microclimate of Tottington High School by conducting an experiment around school.
  • You will explore the illegal diamond trade in Sierra Leone and the impact of the Civil War on the country.
  • You will look specifically at child soldiers.
  • You will learn about the continent of Africa by examining life in different African Countries.
  • You will be learning about how volcanoes and earthquakes happen and how they affect people.
  • You will be investigating the impact of humans on the world and how the consequences of these impacts can be managed (global warming, deforestation, renewable energy, sustainable living).
  • You will be exploring the characteristics of the retail industry and working on a retail centre design project

You will study the above topics in a variety of ways from model making to debates. You will investigate a range of case studies to do this.

How will I be assessed?

Each unit will involve an end of unit assessment:

Year 7
Term 1: Tottington Advertisement
Term 2: Tourism TV Programme Report
Term 3: Spits Depositional Booklet

Year 8
Term 1: Microclimate investigation
Term 2: Child Soldier Speech
Term 3: Africa Timed Questions

Year 9
Term 1: Savage Earth
Term 2: Can the Earth Cope?
Term 3: Retailing Project

Key pieces of work during each unit will also be assessed. You will be required to self assess and peer assess work.

How are teaching Groups organised?

In Year 7 Geography lessons are taught in form groups. In Years 8 and 9 Geography lessons are taught in Humanities sets.

Provision for Gifted and Talented students

  • Differentiated materials in class
  • Additional/extension tasks
  • Geography G&T projects
  • Humanities trips

What extra and curricular opportunities are available to extend learning?

  • Humanities Immersion Day activities:
    • Castleton Investigation
    • Eco trip to Chester Zoo
    • Black Country Museum
    • Global Old Trafford Tour
    • Imperial War Museum North
  • Crocodile Joe visit
  • Geography homework club
  • Opportunities to develop your map and geographical skills around the school site
  • Pupils will also get the opportunity to go on the Humanities Foreign Tour in Year 10

Useful resources and websites to support learning


Newspapers: keep cuttings/pages on Geography related stories.