What will I be studying?

  • Fauvist Landscapes
  • Modiglani Portraits
  • Matisse Paper cuts
  • African Prints
  • Expressionist Portraits
  • Shell Prints
  • Jabberwock Project
  • Native American Mask Project
  • Chuck Close Project
  • Aboriginal-Inspired Mirror Frames Project
  • Sarah Graham Still Life Project
  • Klimt Weaving Project
  • Cultural Project
  • Conflict Project

How will I be assessed?

Both your class and homework will be assessed regularly. In lessons your teacher will give constructive feedback to help you to review, modify and improve your work.

Your work will also be marked with written feedback and a grade reflecting the appropriate National Curriculum Level. A grade (A to E) will also indicate the amount of effort that you have devoted to your work.

You will also be encouraged to both self and peer assess your work regularly. This will help you to build your Art and design vocabulary and develop your critical knowledge and understanding.

How are teaching Groups organised?

You will be taught in groups set by the Modern Foreign Language Faculty. Therefore in terms of Artistic ability these groups will be mixed.

Provision for Gifted and Talented students

Schemes of work are designed to encourage personal creativity and enable you to inject your individual imagination and technical skills. All programs of study include extension exercises designed to stretch and challenge gifted and talented students. Pupils have also been given the opportunity to work with practicing Artists.

What extra and curricular opportunities are available to extend learning?

There will be the opportunity to attend a weekly Art Club where you will be given the opportunity to become involved in several projects designed to enhance the school environment.

Useful resources and websites to supportĀ learning